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When does come out Samson movie 2017

According to the information about this upcoming movie, this one is supposed to be the fifth Bible project that has been ever created by Pure Flix – American television studio that produces the movies connected to religion. However, this upcoming film will be the first film in genre drama that is planned to have a big success among viewers all over the world. So, the question is when it does Samson come out? The film is scheduled to be released at the very end of September in 2017.

According to the company making a brand new project, they started filming in South Africa, using the best local sights and interior. The press has also announced that the only actor from the whole team who already had an experience filming in such projects is Billy Zane. Even if the fresh information about principal photographing has appeared only at the beginning of April and has been successfully confirmed by the company producing and financing the whole project, we are able to see lots of behind-the-scenes pictures posted on Instagram by the actors themselves. However, we might still have less information about its plot.

Samson poster

What is it all about – film synopsis

Even if movie Samson trailer has not been released on the Internet yet as the shooting is still going on, we have managed to catch some pieces about the film synopsis. According to the Internet resources, this is supposed to be a dramatic adaptation of a man called Samson. He has the special unusual strength that people always connect to supernatural creatures and the world they know nothing about. Despite the fact that it is a story about extremely difficult times, Samson starts his own fighting against powerful Philistine Empire. His strength and the desire to have a freedom lead him and the whole enslaved nation to rise above the people who have once taken what he always wanted to have.

You may have probably noticed that the plot of the movie sounds a little bit like Samson is going to have a huge triumph and acceptance from other people. In fact, the one who have once been introduced to Bible and are aware what it is all about, will notice that Biblical Samson, unlikely to the one in the upcoming movie, is, what modern people would call them, more an outsider and the one not willing to be a slave to someone else. We already know about Samson movie release date in 2017, but have you ever thought about that character being the biggest dangerous man for Moses as he was violating and ignoring his laws? Samson – what was also shown in the film – allows his emotions to lead him so that the whole story turns out to have an unexpected end. The main character commits public suicide that also kills lots of local Philistine people and slaves.

Behind the scenes – the atmosphere on the set

The cast of the movie includes next famous actors and actresses:

  • Jackson Rathbone.
  • Taylor James. According to the rumors, this British actor will be playing Samson in an upcoming film he already appeared in such movies as “Mamma Mia!” and “Christmas Eve” in 2008 and 2015 respectively.
  • Billy Zane. You will definitely recognize this actor once you see him on the screen – he is the one who played Caledon Hockley in American movie Titanic.
  • Lindsay Wagner. This American actress is well-known for taking the participation in such films as the old version of “The Six Million Dollar Man” (1973-1978) and “The Bionic Woman” which is actually a spin-off to the previous project.
  • Rutger Hauer.

All in all, when is Samson coming to theaters in 2017, it is expected to be a huge release as the company and the whole team of producers promise that this movie will have unbelievable success among the lovers of Samson’s story.

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