A dramatic film with B. Cumberbatch and N. Hoult in the lead roles was filmed by A. …" />

When does come out The Current War movie 2017

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A dramatic film with B. Cumberbatch and N. Hoult in the lead roles was filmed by A. Gomez-Rejon. In the topic below, you will find information on the movie and also the answer to the main question: “When does The Current War come out?”

Few know that at the initial stages of the development of the electric power industry, a question arose about the choice of power supply. The first option: the use of direct current, the second: alternating current. As a result of solving this issue, a serious struggle erupted, which went down in history as the “War of Currents”.


  • C. Chung is a cinematographer.
  • D.Trachtenberg is a film editor.
  • J. Roelfs is production designer.
  • N. Pallace is senior art director
  • L. Eyre is set decorator.
  • M. Wilkinson is a costume designer.

The Current War movie 2017

When is The Current War coming to theaters in 2017?

The movie will come out in December 2017.

War of Currents

The confrontation between Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison at the end of the 19th century could be called a real war; their rivalry in whose technology of transmission of electric power will become the dominant one.

The confrontation of the Tesla’s AC and Edison’s DC is fully stopped only at the end of 2007, when the New York switched to AC power in favor of Tesla.

In November 2007, the chief engineer of Consolidated Edison, which provided DC power, cut the symbolic cable. This put an end to the War of Currents.

Official Trailer

The movie The Current War trailer is not available. On the YouTube, you can find videos on the production of the movie.

The Current War movie


The film will be interesting to people who are fond of discoveries, physics, finds, and experiments. The plot tells the audience how long the so-called war between scientists has been going on. These scientists were two very diligent men who dedicated their entire lives to physics. Studied, discovered, proved, stunned… And now each of them chose a certain path, which they decided to go to the end. T. Edison began to prove the advantages of direct current, and G. Westinghouse insisted that the best electric current is alternating. Geniuses could not come to a consensus and that’s why they were mad at each other.

The war of the currents lasted quite a long time. It was first talked about the current in the 80s of the century before last, and the end of the war came after 30 years — already in the twentieth century. Each physicist had his own firm, which he ruled. When the competition became simply unbearable, Edison realized that New York was about to switch to the current that his direct opponent had discovered — the alternating. He began to defend his direct current with all his strength, and his methods were terrible. For example, he killed animals using an alternating current, so that everyone could see its disadvantages. He also worked on creating an electric chair for convicts, who also worked on alternating current.

The Current War 2017

In 1915, the New York Times reported that Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison could be awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics. But none of them ever became a Nobel laureate. Both great inventors refused to receive this prestigious award: they could not forgive each other’s past grievances.


  • B. Cumberbatch as T. Edison
  • N. Hoult as N. Tesla
  • M. Shannon as G. Westinghouse

Release Date

The Current War movie release date in 2017 is scheduled for December 22, 2017, in the USA.

The movie will come out on January 5, 2018, in the UK.

The world premier (India, Canada, Russia, and others) is planned for December 22, 2017.

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