When does come out X-Men The New Mutants movie 2018


The new movie about mutants will come on the screen in 2018 but we offer you to see all known information on the movie. In the article below you will find all necessary information.


After months of intensive work on the adaptation of comics about the Mutants, the director J. Boone decided to seek help from colleagues in the melodrama “The Fault in Our Stars”. Information website says that S. Neustadter and M. Weber start working on the scenarios.

In the record of the duo is a couple of melodrama for teenagers – “Paper Towns” that will surely help them in the work on this project because previously the producer S. Kinberg noted that the atmosphere of blockbuster should remind teen cinema.

X-Men The New Mutants movie 2018

When is X-Men The New Mutants 2018 coming to theaters?

This question stays unclear.

According to the source, the director will work on the script together with duo. Although the details of the project were not disclosed, Josh in an interview called the names of comic book characters that may appear in the picture. Among them were: Wolfsbane, Magic, Sunspot, Mirage. In general, we can say that the movie will tell us about the young special people who are trying to control their abilities.

The leadership of the studio has not decided on the further fate of the “X-Men” but with “New Mutants” continues to prepare another spin-off of the franchise “X-Force” and the sequel to “Deadpool”. As for the solo Gambit, it yesterday lost a director and is still without a release date. It is expected that work on the film “X-Men: The New Mutants” kicks off in Montreal in May 2017.


The movie X-Men The New Mutants trailer is not available but it will come closer to release of the movie itself.


Once the film “X-Men: Apocalypse” was not able to fully justify the expectations of the financial management of the studio, the fate of the franchise remained in limbo. Hollywood major has started to work on the sequel to “Deadpool” and spin-off of “New Mutants” but so far has not announced the seventh film.

As the contract of J. McAvoy, M. Fassbender, J. Lawrence and other members of the main cast of the second trilogy of “X-Men” have been calculated only on the three pictures in the network even appeared rumors that the franchise will be restarted.

It seems that the Fox studio will manage to keep the artist who performed Charles Xavier. In an interview with Fandango James McAvoy, he said that he would not mind taking part in the filming of the new adventures of mutants. “If the studio has a powerful script, I’m ready to play again, Professor X” – the actor said. – “I love this role.” – he added.

X-Men The New Mutants movie

McAvoy returns to the image of the founder of the school for gifted teens may take place in the film “X-Men: The New Mutants”. Anya Taylor Joy, who starred in the psychological thriller “Split” with James, gave fans of comics the hope of his appearance in the film by Josh Boone. There are that a young actress recently received a “New Mutants” role of Uliana Rasputina, nicknamed Magic. An actress did not confirm her own part in the film by Boone during the promotional campaign of “Split” but gave a hint that McAvoy has put his signature on a new contract with Fox studio.

It is worth noting that the official representatives of the production company are in no hurry to confirm this information.

Release Date

X-Men The New Mutants 2018 movie release date is planned for 2018, in the USA. The exact month and day are not disclosed.

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