When does come out Alien: Covenant movie 2017


Ridley Scott is back to the director’s chair with Alien franchise. After a lot of experience with science fiction, he returns to the more familiar genre. It will be the second part of a new trilogy of “Alien,” which began with the first film, “Alien” (1979).

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Detailed information can be very little now, but we are regularly updated with new information and have collected what is interesting on this page. If you’re a fan of Alien / Prometheus and are looking forward to the next movie about Alien, you can find out more about this movie, for example when does Alien: Covenant come out.

Alien: Covenant movie

The word «RUN» is the slogan of the film. And it was on dark poster, it is slightly intimidating and rough, just like movie Alien: Covenant trailer. And we have to run for the tickets the day of release. It is expected to be a terribly scary movie with an alien, and you can predict you will feel ill at ease and not safe.

The storyline

A mission to colonize a distant place in space has faced a lot of dangers. They find an unmapped planet with mountains and rivers that seems harmless. Abandoned on the tail of the galaxy this planet promises to be a great area to live. But the unexplored land is fraught with incredible danger of a dark world. The Covenant crew arrive and find a scene of disaster. The main character will have to visit the planet of the Engineers to find answers to the main questions about what happened, the purpose and the reasons of this.

It is known approval of the director that there will be new information about the origin of xenomorph which has famous pharyngeal jaw copied from moray eels. Will we know in next film how they were created and why? This question on creation about the essence and nature of life has been raised. If you look deeply into the subject, like Stephen Hawking, then getting a confident answer is not so simple. Even the creator of the theory of black holes, Hawking, says he does not believe in the simplicity of the big bang.

Surviving members of “Prometheus” team are – Elizabeth and an android. We hope to find out the final part of the truth. The hero finds on the planet, whitish powerful beings with enormous growth. We also know diameter of the explosion on the set, from a photo that was available for the fans, the Covenant will be destroyed according to the plot. The director did say in an interview, that crew will arrive to the planet and land, but then try to sneak back to the spaceship.


Actors will include Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace, which have been seen on the film set. Fassbender will play a role of David, but he also will play the other android with the whole body. Does he have a soul? (The filmmakers claim that he does. How will this affect the story?) Or is Fassbender an ingeniously talented actor who can play a character without a soul? But with admiration for all works of the actor we guess, that David is a much darker and more complex character. During the 10 years of its existence he has developed and achieved self-knowledge, and perhaps discovered some knowledge, about the consciousness of people.

Past actors will be in this anticipated film, but new stars are also cast. For example there is Katherine Waterston with her character Daniels. We can assume that she will be part of the Covenant crew, but it is not known for certain. Will be she the next strong female character? Also Sir Ridley has chosen the new cast members like D. Bichir, A. Seimetz and D. McBride.

Alien: Covenant

About the release

Will Sigourney Weaver leave this sequel? Let’s see what will be the interaction of the characters in this movie. The film will open during Blockbuster season next year. Alien: Covenant 2017 movie release date will be 19 of May (or even 17 of May in US). Moviegoers in Russia are waiting to watch this movie on August 3, 2017.

We will see whether the new film is able to boast having an intimidating actions atmosphere. At the time of its appearance in cinemas the “first” Alien movie produced even shock appearance. The director has used a variety of means of cinematic expression, proving his high professionalism. Let the next time he will create oppressive feeling of anxiety be a time to release our inner feelings and experiences.

Other interesting tidbits

  • Initially, it was announced when is Alien: Covenant 2017 coming to theaters in August.
  • Filming took place mostly in Australia.
  • The film’s title changed from “Alien: Paradise Lost” to “Alien: Covenant.”
  • The new planet, which will be home to engineers, called Paradise since it is, in fact, a place the gods created for mankind to live. This world that is an ideal habitat to start a fresh life and colonize was filmed in New Zealand.
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