When does come out American Assassin movie 2017


A widespread request on the Internet is when does American Assassin come out? To answer this question we need to contact CBS Films Company which is currently working on this project. Unfortunately, at the moment the Company does not provide any official information. However, there are rumors which you can find on the Internet telling that the movie is expected no later than in 2017.

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Another question captivating the public is when American Assassin 2017 movie release date? It is possible that this will happen no later than in 2017, but some sources suggest that the premiere will not be released until early 2018.

American Assassin movie 2017

The plot of the film

American Assassin movie trailer will show to the viewers an interesting story about special agents. The world is in danger. The new war might begin in the nearest future. Only special agents can rescue a planet from a new terrible war. Heroes can sacrifice their own lives to save other people. New film will tell the story about young guy who has lost his girlfriend. She was killed by the mad terrorist. As a result, the main hero of the film decided to fight against all bad guys in the world. Mitch becomes a student of the school where special agents of CIA are prepared.

He studies very hard, seriously and quickly, that’s why he was noticed by preparatory camp director. Mitch graduated and was recruited by CIA.  Stan Harley is a very good agent. He successfully completed all missions received from the government. He waged wars in different parts of the world. He is Mitch’s new teacher now. They receive a new assignment to check guy who lives in the destroyed house. This guy is a war veteran, like Stan Harley. Mission begins. Mitch and Stan arrive  to this house.  There they found evidence  that this man can start a new world war. They have few hours to stop this man, but they have no idea that this man has already left the country and traveled to the Middle East to start a new war.  Mitch and Stan will try to stop this guy, so they started a pursuit.

The history of the film

CBS Films Company showed interest to the Vincent Fynn’s books.  The Company bought all rights on Fynn’s  books  in 2008. CBS Films wanted to produce a short ТV series based on the Fynn’s books. Lorenzo Di Bonaventura and Nick Wexler were chosen as movie directors. After lengthy negotiations Jonathan Lemkin was selected as screenwriter. However, the last few movies shot by the Company were real failures. Due to this factor, the work on the beginning of the film was delayed. The Company’s management decided to change directors and screenwriters of the movie. Therefore, Antoine Fuqua was chosen as a new film director. Filming began in London, Rome and Budapest in September, 2016.

Casting for the roles

The theatre Cast has become a real problem for the film director. The characters in this film are difficult and colorful. So, film director need to find the actors who will manage to show all the feelings of the main heroes.  After long hesitation Chris Hemsworth and Bruce Willisin were invited to take part in the film.

American Assassin 2017

On October 10, 2012 an actor Chris Hemsworth received an official invitation to play in this film. He was offered a sum of more than 10,000,000 dollars for the role of the protagonist. But after one month he rejected the offer due to the intensity of his timetable. On May 10, 2016 Dylan O’Brien was casted to the main role. The film director decided that Dylan O’Brien will be the best choice for this role as the main hero is a student. There is an opportunity to make a few parts of the film with one actor. Stan Hurley’s role was offered to Bruce Willis, but he rejected this proposal due to health problems. The role was free until the film director searched the correct actor for it. Michael Keaton became this actor. Taylor Kitsch will play a crazy special agent who wants to destroy the world.

So, one of the most interesting questions remains unsolved: when is American Assassin coming to theaters?  There are many different views about this question. Some people are sure that the premiere will take place in the end of 2017, but other fans think that the movie will be released only in the beginning of 2018. As a result, views on this issue vary. The audiences are expecting of the movie American assassin and trailer with impatience.

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