When does come out New in Town movie 2017

In the new year on cinema screens out Chinese-American adventure film «New in Town». At the moment, information about the film is not so much, and that makes it more desirable for the majority of viewers who want to know: When does «New in town» come out? What will be the plot of the movie? Answers to these and other questions can be found in this article. Small informativeness about this movie makes it even more interesting and mysterious.


Unfortunately, at the moment there is no the trailer of the movie «New in town» in the internet. But it should appear in the near future. However, there is information that the film is an adventure with elements of fantasy. The film tells a story of a young angel man, who came to the city, which is charged with gangsters and thugs. The film will have a large number of scenes of action include a fight, as befits of most Chinese adventure films. The film was shot entirely in China, with total budget of 4 million US dollars, is not such a large sum for Hollywood, but the film is supposed to be very cool and interesting. The film will be in English and Chinese languages. The film will shock everyone deeply.

New in Town 2017

Release date and forecasts

The release date of the movie «New in town» 2017 assigned to february 2017 year. Movie forecasts are very encouraging, analysts believe that the film will have a great popularity and high fees. Rating expectation at the moment is about 90 percent in favor of those who want to go to film premieres. The exact answer to the question: «when is New in Town 2017 coming to theaters?» is already known. The movie premiere will take place on February 1, 2017 in China and USA. So very soon you will have an opportunity to see this masterpiece in the theaters. The duration of the film is one hour and thirty five minutes.


Cast of the movie includes big number of talented actors. The main roles are played by:

  • The main role of an angel who is in a new city for him, takes the young American actor Sky Patterson. Sky graduated from the University of California, where he studied Chinese language and various martial arts, after graduation, he moved to Beijing, China. Thanks to its athletic, knowledge of martial arts and Chinese language Skye soon began to appear in Chinese films, after which he noticed in Hollywood. Skye Patterson is famous films as «Blood Ballet», «Master of Kung Fu». Game of the actor will be able to impress everyone;
  • Actor Chase Wright plays one of the gangsters. Chase is an American, graduated from the University of St. Louis and then moved to live in Los Angeles, where he began acting in movies. The actor is very talented and well-known for his years, his game will appeal to every viewer;
  • It is also one of the gangsters played by talented Chinese actor and director Tom Chou, who is famous in films «Paper Children», «Always and forever» and «Landing a man». Tom is very talented and can play great in the movie, often acted in short films. In China He has great reputation;
  • The film was also attended by budding Chinese actors: Haoyan Liu, Xinmo Ma, Ren Wei, Bing Qi and others.

Director and script writer stands the famous Chinese director Wong Ke. He is just beginning his career, but already has a good reputation in the country, it took a well-known Chinese film «Blind Mountain».

Thus, the film «New in Town» is one of the most interesting in February this year. The film will be a large number of colorful fighting with elements of various martial arts such as Kung Fu, Karate, Tehkvando, Aikido, and so on. Also in the film are good jokes and an interesting plot, so everyone have to see this movie. Especially fans of movies with Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Donnie Yen, Stephen Chow and other famous Chinese actors, who mastered the art of Kung-Fu, the movie they loved.

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