When does come out Burning Sands movie 2017


When does Burning Sands come out?


Gerard McMurray is a director and producer of the movie. He is also known for “The Daily Grill”, “Battle Buddy”, “Fruitvale Station”.

The compositor of the movie was announced Kevin Lax.

  1. Lee is a cinematographer.
  2. Schrodek is a film editor.
  3. Robert is a production designer.
  4. Lopes is an art director.
  5. Kunke is a decorator.
  6. Sanchez is costume designer.

Burning Sands movie 2017

What is fraternity?

The tradition of creating a student community came to the US together with the first universities. Students used an abbreviation of the Latin letters as a name of the communities that’s why these communities called “Latin societies”. The first such organization was the “Flat Hats Club”, the most famous member of which was the third US president, Thomas Jefferson, however, in one of his letters published in November 2010, in The New-York Times, he called membership in the society meaningless. Another old Latin Brotherhood was a group of “Please do not ask me”.

The next American politician John Hiff several times tried unsuccessfully to get in both fraternities which are united the young intellectual elite. December 5, 1776, he created the College of William and Mary in Virginia, the first “Greek” student society Phi Betta Kappa, which took over as president. Since then, the use of a combination of two or three Greek letters as the name of community is a tradition. In this regard, the phrase “student fraternity” and “Greek society” have become synonymous. Often abbreviation hides the secret motto of brotherhood. The first “Sisterhood” called Adelphean Society (now Alpha Delta Pi), is appeared only in the middle of the XIX century, in 1851, in Georgia Wesleyan College. And since the beginning of the twentieth century, many men’s society began to accept women into their ranks. And if the original “sisterhood” were created in the “brotherhood” counterweight, today they are often combined, so now the term “fraternity” loosely applies to the organizations both boys and girls.

Burning Sands 2017

When is Burning Sands coming to theaters?

It is planned to release the movie in the first part of March, 2017.

A rite of passage

Each community conducts the so-called «hell week». During this week candidates are go a number of tests for membership. Some of them are quite reasonable: the interview, to demonstrate knowledge of the history of the community, its traditions and values, verification of compliance with all the requirements of the candidate. But among others there are very wild assignments that are more like torture: to walk naked across campus, pour sour milk itself, to spend the night on the cold floor in the basement in his underwear. There is a legend that during the dedication as a member of Yale University community “Skull and Bones” candidates had to drink blood and tell the audience about their sexual preferences. Brutal ceremonies are considered like the most dangerous and frightening part of the “Greek” life causing terrible incidents which sometimes even end in death.

One of the incidents:

Carson under duress drank a few bottles of alcohol among them was the 95-degree Everclear.

The boy collapsed and members of the club decided not to take him to the hospital. After the incident, “Brotherhood” was closed. But such stories continue to appear in the American press.

The official movie Burning Sands trailer is now available on YouTube.

Burning Sands movie


The main character is the first year student of the college; it seems everything to be good for him. His friend respects him and teachers too. He has a wonderful girlfriend. But he was selected to enter the really cool black fraternity on campus. The first test was to see the limits of the dignity of the student.  When the tests began to go beyond what is permitted the student has a difficult choice: to keep the fraternity’s code of silence or tell everything about the hazing to dean.


  1. Jackson plays Zurich
  2. Woodard plays Professor Hughes
  3. Harris plays Dean Richardson
  4. Cole plays Frank
  5. Horton plays Square
  6. Robinson plays Big Country
  7. Rhodes plays Fernander
  8. plays Angel
  9. Williams plays Toya
  10. Hakim plays Rochon
  11. Okonkwo plays Breyton

Burning Sands 2017 movie release date is scheduled on 10th of March, 2017.

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