When does come out Charming movie 2017

On September 2014 well-known producers Henry Skelsey`s and John H. Williams gladdened a lot of admirers of movie industry by the announcement of developing movie “Charming”. And since 2014 the only question “when does Charming come out” is in the minds of many fans. In this article, I`ll try to figure it out and share more information and interesting facts about production and release of this movie.

Film Stuff

Charming is the debut project of 3QU Media with the budget of $ 20 million. Simultaneously with the filming of Charming he produced his 1st full-length movie “Get Squirrely”.

Charming movie

Wilmer Valderrama – American actor who became known for its participation in the series “From dusk to dawn.” In 2010 he met the American singer Demi Lovato, and in January 2011 they began dating. The actor claims that he was very pleased that he was called to the shooting with his girlfriend.

Demetria Devon Lovato – American actress and singer. Fame has received thanks to the shooting of «Camp Rock» movies and «Camp Rock 2: Reporting the concert.” Musical career dates back to record a few songs for the two films.

The Plot

The screenwriters represent the re-imagine of tales about three princesses after they find out that everyone of them is engaged, under different circumstances, with the same man: Prince Charming. The prince is “a small child in the adult`s body”, he is very soft-hearted, extremely amorous and starts love affairs with every woman he encounters. It is easily understandable that such a behavior can lead to unpleasant results: the dozens of enamored and jealous girls are going to destroy every obstacle on their way to the beloved man.

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Observing the whole ominous situation, King Charming, Philip`s wise father, makes the decision to put an end to the endless love-affairs of his son. As a result, the young Prince is under condition to find a true, genuine love before his 21st Birthday or he will lose his main treasure – his right to be the King. In addition, the Queen of the Kingdom is a wicked and greedy woman, she put a curse on Prince Philipe. And he, together with Lenor, goes on travels to relieve from the curse and to find a true love.

Charming movie 2017

The Voice Actors

Unfortunately, there is no official announcement about when Charming is coming to theaters. But, till now, the cast of the movie is officially established, here the list of actors and their roles in “Charming”:

  • American actress, singer, and songwriter, Demi Lovato, gifted her voice to the main character Lenore. It is interesting that the main heroine has the same name as a Ross Venokur`s wife.
  • Prince Philippe Charming is voiced by an American actor, Wilmer Valderrama.
  • The worldwide known Australian singer and songwriter, Sia, not only penned two songs for Charming but also voiced Half-Oracle.
  • One of the main character, Cinderella, has a sweet voice of an American actress and singer, Ashley Tisdale.
  • Another fairy beauty, Snow White, is voiced by famous Canadian singer, songwriter, and designer, Avril Lavigne.
  • Famous Chinese singer/songwriter, G.E.M., provides a voice to Sleeping Beauty.

Tales can really happen in real life. It can be confirmed by dating of Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama. But, in fact, this tale was not very long, they were dating only during the filming, and now have broken up.

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Great news! The movie Charming trailer is under way of editing and soon we`ll see what screenwriters prepared for us in the full movie. Unfortunately, today there is almost no more new information about the release of the trailer.

Charming 2017 movie release date is not exactly established now because the editing is not already finished. Different sources suggest different dates of release. Never the less, all of them are the same on one idea – the film is going to be released in spring 2017. As a result, soon we will be able to enjoy a fabulous comedy for the whole family.

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