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When does come out Death Wish movie 2017

The movie is a remake of the famous picture by Michael Winner, filmed him in 1974, which starred the legendary C. Bronson. The original film was based on the book by American writer B. Garfield with the same name and had four sequels. The last fifth picture released in 1994. So, most likely, this remake could be the beginning of a new franchise. And fans who love the action, blood, and revenge can know all information on film and the details on question: “When does The Death Wish come out?” in the article below.


  • Eli Roth is a director of the movie. He became known for “Hostel”, “Hostel: Part Two”, “Cabin Fever”, “Grindhouse”.
  • L. Göransson is a compositor of the film.
  • R. Stoffers is a cinematographer.
  • P. Kirby as a production designer.
  • A. Smart as set decorator.
  • M. Fort as costume designer.

Death Wish movie 2017


When is Death Wish coming to theaters?

It is scheduled to release on screens in the October, 2017.


A few years after the announcement of a remake of the classic action-thriller about revenge in 1974 “Death Wish” and quit of the director Joe Carnahan, the project is again gaining momentum. B. Willis is ready to play the lead role of P. Kersey, which originally played by C. Bronson.

The movie was filmed on the novel by Brian Garfield specializing in detective stories and thrillers.

The project still has J. Carnahan’s script as close as possible to the novel which will embody the two Israeli directors – A. Keshales and N. Papushado (“Big Bad Wolves”). In the production of the film involved Paramount Pictures and MGM.


The movie The Death Wish trailer is now available on the YouTube.


The action of the new movie takes place in New York which is suffocated in a wave of crime. However, this problem is not too worried the successful entrepreneur and a talented architect named Paul Kersey, who has very liberal views. However, there comes a rainy day, when it comes to his family and in the most terrible way. Paul’s wife and daughter were attacking by the city gang punks and they were severely beaten. Kersey’s wife dies from injury and the daughter begins to develop serious mental disease. The protagonist tries to understand the reasons why, to understand what had happened, he wants an adequate and quick punishment of criminals who deprived of his family. Soon, however, he is faced with the fact that the police in particular unable to do anything on this specific case and in general cannot in any way cope with the crime situation which invaded the entire city.

To support Paul and distract him from his dark thoughts, the company, in which he works, decided to send him on a business trip away from New York. He gets a job at the client’s request from Arizona and sent him to perform it in the small town of Tucson, where he will draft a new quarter. The customer is asking Paul to design it without disturbing the natural landscape, but also the building and the house needs to be done so that during couple of decades this quarter wouldn’t become ordinary urban slums. Kersey applies to all requests very carefully and the result exceeds the expectations of the customer. In gratitude for the excellent work, in addition to the payment, that person makes a personal gift to Paul – he gives him a gun. This gift Kersey perceives as a sign from heaven.

Back in New York, Paul with gun in his hands goes out in the evening in the city. When one of the bandits is trying to rob him, Kersey commits the first murder. Then the action begins!


  • V. D’Onofrio as Frank Kersey
  • B. Willis as Paul Kersey
  • E. Shue as Lucy Kersey
  • K. Elise as Detective Jackson
  • J. Kesy as the Fish

Release Date

The Death Wish 2017 movie release date is planned in October, 2017.

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