When does come out The Belko Experiment movie 2017


“The Belko Experiment” is the new movie by Greg McLean. Full information on movie and answer on question “When does The Belko Experiment come out?” you will know in this topic.


  • Greg McLean is a director of the movie. He is known for “Rogue”, “Wolf Creek”, “The Darkness”, “Wolf Creek 2”.
  • Tyler Bates is a compositor of the movie.
  • L. Sansans is a cinematographer.
  • Julia Wong is a film editor.
  • Carlos Osorio     is a production designer.
  • C. Montoya is an art director.
  • M. Rangel is a set decorator.

The Belko Experiment movie 2017


The world-famous after the “Guardians of the Galaxy” James Gunn took John Gallagher Jr. in his new project “Belko Experiment”.

Gunn wrote the script and will act as a producer; Greg McLean will film the picture. The choice of the candidate for the main role Gunn confirmed with a joint photo on Facebook with the appropriate text.

When is The Belko Experiment coming to theaters?

Movie will come in the middle of March.

What does experiment mean?

Experiment is in general one of the basic methods of scientific knowledge and in particular psychological research. This method is more active than the observation method. It provides the data necessary to describe and to explain psychic phenomena. In the experiments are created and modified the special conditions in order to bring the process under study and to influence its course. This makes it possible to obtain quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the phenomenon under investigation.

Man and features of his personality is already more than one century are the object of interest and study of the great minds of humanity. And from the very beginning of the development of psychological science to the present day people are able to develop and significantly improve their skills in this difficult but fascinating case. So now to provide reliable data to study the characteristics of the human psyche and personality, people use a variety of ways and methods of research in psychology. Psychological experiment is one of the methods that have received the most popular and proven with the practical side.

What we can say about this “experiment” as applied to our daily lives? Probably, only the fact that a person born with a certain set of qualities and dispositions due to the genetic information. Fortunately, not many people try to make their sons daughters, or vice versa. But still, raising their child, some parents do not want to see the nature of their particular child and his developing personality.

The Belko Experiment

They want to “sculpt” a child like putty – make him look like they want to see him, not taking into account his personality. This is unfortunate because of this many people as adults feel their lack of implementation and the frailty of the meaninglessness of life, do not get pleasure from life. Small finds confirmation in the large and every our influence on the children affects their future life. Therefore, it is necessary to be more attentive to children and understand that every human being, even in the smallest, has its way and we should by all means try to help him find it.



The movie The Belko Experiment trailer is now available on the YouTube.


The picture tells the story of company “American Belko” which is based in South Africa. One day, each of the company’s employees suddenly receives order to kill all the other workers or be killed. It raises a wave of violence which reveals the true essence of each of the “Belko” employees.


  • A. Arjona as Leandra Flores
  • D. Dastmalchian as Alonso ‘Lonny’ Crane
  • J. Brener as Keith McLure
  • J. Gallagher Jr. as Mike Milch

Release Date

The Belko Experiment 2017 movie release date is planned on 17th of March in US.

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