When does come out Ghost in the Shell movie 2017


Very soon fiction film «Ghost in the Shell» will release. This movie is based on the eponymous Japanese graphic novel. Fans of science fiction thrillers and anime want to know: when does Ghost in the Shell come out? What will be the plot of the movie? The answers to these questions can be found in this article.

Ghost in the Shell


First full trailer of the movie «Ghost in the Shell» was available for viewing on the Internet November 13, 2016. Trailer made a great impression on people and acquired a very good forecasts.

As mentioned above, the film is based on the graphic novel by Japanese writer Manasamune Siro, which was written long ago in 1991. During this time, there were several full-length anime movies, the TV series, which included 2 seasons. In 2008, the film company DreamWorks has acquired the rights to this manga, preparing for the filming began actively in early 2014.

Action of the film will unfold in Japan in 2029. In the future, technology has evolved so much that people become to implant in their body a variety of neural devices for a different purposes. On the one hand, it seems like a good invention, however, it became possible to “hack” the human brain like a computer. The main villain hacker, whom everyone called puppeteers, is engaged in such things, and interfere in politics, which is why special squad number 9 (MIA Japanese) is assigned to his capture.

Release date and forecasts

The release date of the movie «Ghost in the Shell» is assigned to 2017 year. According to forecasts, the film will be interesting and exciting. Standby rating is 95 percent in favor of those who want to see it. There are a lot of fans of manga and anime all over the world, so that the fees of the film should be very large. Also a very talented cast and director on charges affect on the fees and movie rating. The film should be very interesting, it will appeal to all lovers of science fiction such as «Star Wars», «Terminator», and etc. The exact answer to the question «When is Ghost in the Shell 2017 coming to theaters?» is already known. The movie premiere will take place on March 30, 2017 worldwide.


Cast of the movie includes big number of talented actors. The main roles are played by:

  • The main role is played by the charming Scarlett Johansson, who is widely known around the world as the Black Widow of «Marvel» movie universe, also known by the films «Lucy», «Island» and «Prestige». The actress plays the role of a cyborg Motoko Kusanagi Motoko, Major of squad number 9. After watching the trailer it becomes clear that she does not know who she is, it can be found only after watching the movie «Ghost in the Shell». Initially, the Australian actress Margot Robbie was to play the main role, but then everything changed and the lead role has been appointed to Scarlett Johansson;

Ghost in the Shell movie

  • Danish actor Saw Asbek also took part in this film, he has already work with Scarlett Johansson in the Luc Besson’s film «Lucy». The actor is famous through participation in the very popular TV series: «Game of Thrones»;
  • French actress Juliette Binush will perform the role of the doctor-engineer, who is engaged in the design and development of various implants. Juliette Binush is a winner of an Oscar 1991 for the film «The English Patient»;
  • Japanese actress and model Rila Fukushima, who played in movie “Wolverine”, also starred in the film.

Talented Rupert Sanders is a film’s director. He directed a very successful film: «Snow White and the Huntsman».

Thus, the film “Ghost in the Shell” with Scarlet Johansson in the lead role should be one of the most popular spring film premieres. The film contains an interesting story and a lot of action scenes of fights, shootings and etc., so a lot of people will like it. If you’re a fan of science fiction and anime, then you should see this film.

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