When does come out The Six Billion Dollar Man movie 2017

Recently Hollywood Films have amazed world’s films lovers with their new franchises and upcoming pictures that will be possibly nominated for the best film of the year 2017. One of those films is the new version of old and loved story where Mark Wahlberg starred. But when does The Six Billion Dollar Man come out? The date when it will let go is planned around the end of December 2017.

The Six Billion Dollar Man

The Six Billion Dollar Man 2017 – original story vs. the new remake

According to the rumors, this film is a remake to the American Television series with similar name that were extremely popular in the 70s of last century. These series had been being on American TVs during five years and were one of the first movies where people actually got to see the bionic implants. Movie The Six Billion Dollar Man trailer hasn’t been released properly yet, but there are already some rumors and fake facts of directing that project. But people are already wondering if this film is going to be somewhat better and more interesting than the original series.

The original story of the movie

As it was said before the upcoming film is a new Hollywood remake with famous actor well known nowadays. But what is the original story of American series? Was their popularity that big at the end of 20th century? And what did novel have the influence on directing such program?

The Six Billion Dollar Man 2017 movie release date is being probably still planned you might have thought, but make a note on December 22nd in 2017. You have the opportunity to open your mind towards completely different technologies whose usage has grown a lot since the release date of original series. The plot is not that difficult but is interesting at the same time. Steve Austin, the NASA astronaut, decides to take a part in a secret project of government and ends up with plenty of injuries not compatible with life. The operation of Steve’s recovering appeared to be very expensive, about six million dollars, and is the only way to help astronaut to stay alive. His several injured parts of the body have been repaired by replacing the new bionic implants.

The cast of the film includes Lee Majors who was able to show or represent those beyond human resources, his character gets powers after the parts of the body have been rebuilt. Later, the main character Steve Austin finds out his abilities – he can run at speeds of near 100 km/h, his eye has special lenses that can zoom in and out, and the rest of his limbs like arms demonstrate the unfathomable abilities compared to heavy machinery. With all these things happened to Steve he gets an invitation to work as a secret agent for organization that specializes in scientific intelligence.

When is The Six Billion Dollar Man 2017 coming to theatres, you may ask? It’s interesting that on December the 22nd the older generations that saw the original series will be able to make a parallel or recognize that new Hollywood remake which was also based on the novel called “Cyborg” written by Martin Caidin. This title was being used for some time during the production of the initial series before the actual title was finally released.

The Six Billion Dollar Man movie

Influences, merchandises and other interesting facts

According to the popularity of the story it is absolutely predictable and consistent that new remake will take people’s attention as well as the novel. And now we still can’t say or criticize the actual film but we can take a look at the old one talking about its interesting facts because may or may not it has the influence on the production of the performance with Mark Wahlberg starring.

  • The old version had a powerful influence in Brazil where in 1988 government decided to cancel all bionic equipment.
  • It’s not a secret that such popularity of old series caused the production of new toys and clothes which helped them stay that well known for a longer period of time.
  • There were published plenty of comic novels based on that story. However, companies that produced those books made a little difference in the action and added some new details.
  • In some scenes of the film you definitely see someone falling off the building or similar construction. Main character, Steve Austin, had to do the same thing seven times and Lee Majors, the one who played him, wasn’t happy about that. Back in that time, airbags weren’t in often usage so people had to use something instead which wasn’t very safe and comfortable to land.
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