When does come out Home Again movie 2017


The new upcoming drama movie by Hallie Meyers-Shyer is named “Home Again”. All information on movie and answer on question: “When does Home Again come out?” you can see in the topic below.


  • H. Meyers-Shyer is a director and the writer of the movie. She is known for “The Parent Trap”, “Father of the Bride”, “What woman want”, “Father of the Bride 2”.
  • D. Cundey is a cinematographer.
  • D. Bilow is a film editor.
  • E. Brill is a production designer.
  • B. Gorton is an art director.
  • N. Cates is a set decorator

When is Home Again 2017 coming to theaters?

There is no exact information on movie release but it have to come in 2017.

Home Again movie 2017

Single Mother

The term “single mother” though is well known and understood by the majority, in fact, does not reveal the essence of what is happening.

The mother who was left to raise a child without a husband, in most cases, is not alone and not raising a child alone. In the process of education, one way or another, are involved relatives on one side or both sides. In connection with the foregoing, this designation personally I do not consider correct and reflects the essence of what is happening.

Today, a young mother raising a young child without a husband is a very common phenomenon. In fact there are various reasons, but the most urgent is divorce.

This suggests that a large number of children and adolescents living in single-parent families. Despite the fact that both parents legally have equal rights to the child, in practice, most often after the divorce of parents the child remains with the mother.

Realizing that the family can fall apart at any stage of the child’s age, specifically for this article, I choose, as I see it, the most interesting to consider the situation when the mother is left without a husband with “preoedipal” (under 3 years) child in her arms.

Home Again 2017

This situation is often the most stressful for the mother. In the case where the scion of a family at the time of the collapse has reached, say, adolescence, we are dealing with a person rather adult and independent, having passed the main stages of his psychosexual development in an intact family with whatever it was but the involvement of the father.

When we are talking about a lonely young mother with a small child in her arms, then very few people in this situation feels quite relaxed and confident. Most mothers after divorce are wondering: “How further raise the child?”

It is believed that women are most often superior to men in regard to speech and communication skills, operating concepts, creative and intuitive thinking. The secret of these important skills mother, consciously and unconsciously, is to share with her child.

If we talk about the role or function of the mother, it is possible to designate an established term “maximum care function”.


The movie Home Again trailer is not available for now.

Home Again movie


The life of a single mother from Los Angeles suddenly changes when she permits three guys stay in her house.


The names of the main characters are not disclosed yet but we know the main actors who will play in the movie. By the way, laureate of “Oscar” Reese Witherspoon has agreed to participate in the low-budget film “Home Again”, which will be the directorial debut project of 29-year-old screenwriter, producer and actress Holly Meyers-Shayer. Reese will play the role of recently divorced mother of two children, who decides to move them to Los Angeles to start from scratch. But the life of an ambitious mother changes dramatically after she begins to help three very charismatic young people. Timing of work on the tape is not specified.

Candice Bergen (“Gandhi”) and Michael Sheen (“Masters of Sex”) will join R. Witherspoon. Filming will start in Los Angeles in November. Sheen will play the ex-husband of the heroine Witherspoon and Bergen will get the role of her mother. The latest acquisition is a star of TV series “Vice President” Scott Reed. Scott will play a Hollywood producer who expressed a desire to film these three promising guys in his film. Also in movie will take part: L. Bell, N. Wolff.

Release Date

The exact Home Again 2017 movie release date is not known but the creators of the picture assure that the movie will come to the screens in the 2017.

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