When does come out Kedi movie 2017


“Kedi” is a new documentary movie by Ceyda Torun. All information and details on question “When does Kedi come out?” you can see in the topic below.


C. Torun is a director of the movie. He is known for “Consuming Love”, “Time for Passion”.

When is Kedi 2017 coming to theaters?

It is scheduled to release movie on screens in the beginning of February, 2017 in the USA.

Kedi movie 2017

Clever Cats

In the eyes of a cat hidden secret, they are like two jewels, such shiny, so beautiful and a little scary. Everyone was always interesting – how do they see through the thin slits of his pupil. Do they see in color? Everything, of course, we do not know, but some of the mysteries have already solved.

Cat is a nocturnal animal; it can see even in darkness.

With great confidence we can say that cats are representative of extraterrestrial civilizations. The more a person learns cats, the more we realized that they no more stupid than the man himself. Cats do not feel the need in people, but despite this they have always lived side by side with humans. It is interesting that the first mention of the cats appeared only after the Great Flood. Some legends say that cats were created by the gods as crossing a monkey and a lion or that the cat came to the people nowhere.

The cat is a unique living being that possesses of abilities. And you can see this is very easy, just enough to look into the eyes of a cat.

Researchers attribute the appearance of cats to the time of ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians not only keep these animals at home, but worshiped them, building temples for them, after the death making embalming and mummies.

Kedi movie

As it turned out, this attitude to cats were not at all accidental. Egyptians knew many secrets associated with cats, in particular, that they were not of terrestrial origin and came to our planet from Sirius with the gods. Accordingly, they were also deities. Some Egyptian priests were sure that in space there is an entire cat civilization of intelligent being. This civilization resides near the star Sirius, and its representatives were very highly organized entities that have a high spirituality and consciousness. These entities lived in semi-dense bodies that could change the shape (moving from the human form in a cat and vice versa). That is why one of the ancient Egyptian goddess – Bast – depicted with a cat’s head and a human body.

In addition, the ancient Egyptians knew that all the other cats have amazing abilities. Only they have the right to get to places in the pyramids and temples, where they could not get even priests. That is why often during the excavation, archaeologists found a small door through which no man could go. Cats were held in specially constructed buildings, which slow down time, and they could fall into the parallel dimension or in the past, when the gods lived on Earth from Sirius and send people’s requests to the gods.

In addition, the cat had and has other miraculous abilities, including clairvoyance. A point is not a good vision. This is ability to see the energy of the surrounding space, objects and people. Cats are constantly striving to get rid of negativity and clean environment.

Another feature is the ability to find a way home and perfectly guided in unfamiliar terrain. This graceful animal, by the way, asks a lot of questions to scientists, most of them still have not found the answers.

Kedi 2017

The ability of cats to find the right direction, scientists have discovered after an American scientist F. Morell began to study feline brain using electronic methods. It is implanted in the brain of experimental animal electrodes which are connected to the radio transmitters. Electrodes were in areas of the brain that are responsible for vision. The investigator was surprised when it turned out that even with closed eyes cat arrows of instruments showed the emergence of impulses in the brain cells. However, it should be noted that at this time the cat were filed certain sound signals, inaudible to the human ear. Experiments have shown that about half of nerve cells in the brain that are responsible for vision respond to sounds.


The movie Kedi trailer is now available. You can watch it on the YouTube.


Our life through the eyes of a cat.


  • B. Üstün as Himself

Release Date

Kedi 2017 movie release date is planned on 10th of February, 2017 in the USA.

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