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When does come out The Discovery movie 2017

Science fiction / romance and even a little bit thriller – that’s what it means to watch the movie “Discovery” by Charlie McDowell. Love story that takes place in the near future, when the existence of life after death has been proven by science. Millions of people around the world commit suicide – so any man who had lost hope, fallen into depression or feel the slightest sign of depression or dissatisfaction with the status quo, hoping to start a new life, but in another world. Full information on movie you can find in the topic below and also an answer on the main question “When does The Discovery come out?”


  • C. McDowell is a director of the movie. He is known for “The One I Love”, “Silicon Valley”.
  • D. Bensi and S. Jurriaans are composers of the movie.
  • S. Grøvlen is a cinematographer.
  • J. Lilly    is a film editor.
  • A. McKenzie is a production designer.
  • D. Chipman is a set decorator.
  • K. Langerman is a costume designer.

The Discovery movie 2017

When is The Discovery 2017 coming to theaters?

It is planned to release movie on screens in the end of March, 2017 in USA.


What a strange question: “Is there life after death?” Generally, where a man took the concept of “life after death”? After all, if we start from the theory of evolution, the person himself appeared on earth and human’s life – it’s just a series of specific interrelated chemical reactions. When the reaction stops, stops the life. But the question is: why the person is able to think about what in principle should not to think? Let see it in the example of a fish. It currently floats in the water and it is no question: why water is so wet? Water is its natural habitat, so the fish is absolutely normal that the water is wet. Now look at the person. If he is self-educated and gives life to himself, that, first, there should be no concept of good and evil for him, because it should be seen as a natural habitat and even more so person should not distinguish that the good is good and evil – it’s bad. Secondly, a self-sufficient person should not, in principle, think about life after death, because Death is a natural consequence of existence.

But the fact is that people distinguish between good and evil, and is able to think about eternity. Question: How does he know about it? Who gave man a conscience, so he knows what is wrong and what is right?

The Discovery movie

I like the story of Winnie the Pooh, when he came to visit the rabbit; he puts his head into the hole and asks “Is Anybody home?” And rabbit answers – “There is no one”. Pooh thought and said: “It is strange because someone had to say “There is no one”

Friends, if a person knows what is bad and what is good, there must be someone who would have say him this and put this program into him.

The body is clear – it is mortal, but with other components – in spirit and soul everything is different. They were eternal, as they were originally created. That is why the human soul longs for eternity and wants to live forever.

Jesus – the man who came from there, where we will have to come, and He tells us how it all works. From his story we can make the following conclusions:

  • Man after death continues to feel
  • Man after death can see
  • A person can communicate
  • The person after the death knows other people
  • A person can present memory of the past

The Discovery 2017

These facts support the hundreds of thousands of witnesses who have experienced clinical death and were out of body. Subsequently, they accurately describe all procedures that have been produced with their body, and could recount what happened in neighboring rooms and wards, even talked about who and what kind of clothes was wearing. All this confirms that the information is not stored in the brain, but outside it, or how a person could learn the information, which was behind the operating walls? But not only learn but also remember. Scientists have no explanation for these facts, because for them there is a priori no life after death. Therefore, they are trying to either gloss over these facts, or tell any delirium, trying to explain these things. If we accept that there is life after death, it means that we did not evolve from monkeys, and everything is not so easy with a man. It is necessary to recognize that God created us, and the Bible is right!


The movie The Discovery trailer is now you can watch on the YouTube.


  • R. Mara as Isla
  • R. Keough as Lacey
  • J. Plemons as Toby
  • R. Redford as Thomas Harbor
  • J. Segel as Will

Release Date

The Discovery 2017 movie release date is scheduled on 31st of March, 2017 in USA.

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