When does come out Kong: Skull Island movie 2017


Fans of the cult movie certainly agree with the statement that in the history of cinema its hard to find a monster, who sympathized with so many fans around the globe. King Kong is appeared first on screens in 1933, immediately caused consternation, and then won the sympathy of the audience, not only the film, but also film critics. And that’s why the film “King Kong: Skull Island” in 2017 predict a glorious future, suggest that it will become one of the highest-grossing films next year. When does Kong: Skull Island come out we will learn from this article!

“King Kong: Skull Island” movie in 2017

It is known that the film was conceived back in 2014, at the same time discussed the cast of the main characters, but the release of the film was moved to a year: from 2016 to 2017. The reason for this delay was the usual marketing. It was reported that in 2016 will be released on multiple screens Prime acclaimed by FOX and Marvel companies and creators of this movie are going to hit the jackpot in the first days of the show, but because it is so important to take care of that, that he was not sufficiently serious competitors. However, the film is already hit the Top Ten most anticipated premier in 2017. About Kong: Skull Island 2017 movie release date: so, for the film is scheduled for March 9 next year.

Kong: Skull Island 2017

There are rumors that the movie “King Kong: Skull Island” will be the first in a trilogy that ended his epic battle two monsters: Godzilla and King Kong. Roughly, a third film will be released in 2020, when the show will be postponed again for commercial reasons.

The plot of the movie

Today, most of the film winds around the plot secrets. While shooting the film already in full go to Hawaii and Detroit, still remains a mystery whether he will be King Kong on the screen in this film. When is Kong: Skull Island coming to theaters is already certain.

The filmmakers do not spoil their fans news or even more photos from the shooting, preferring to remain silent on the direct questions from reporters, but until we know the following:

  • events of the film unfold in the distant 70s of the twentieth century;
  • The scenario of the film will take place mainly on Skull Island – the home of a huge gorilla King Kong;
  • the main purpose of the expedition, which will go on a dangerous island – brother of the protagonist to find and discover the unknown substance (the role and importance of which is also unknown).

According to the creators of the film, posts will be a kind of continuation of the original film’s 33rd year, and action remake will take place after 25 years after the events in Detroit, that is the death of the King of the gorillas. The protagonist will travel to the island in search of the long-lost brother and there is some liquid. To do this, he will gather the expedition, of which will include the most motley crowd, including – officer, volunteered to accompany desperate researchers.

It is noteworthy that the original title of the film was simply “Skull Island”, and only after some time has been added to it over the untwisted “King Kong.” None other than the proverbial marketing ploy. Because at the moment virtually no news about the movie Kong: Skull Island trailer only remains to wait for all who wish to see a movie.

King Kong: Skull Island 2017 – Cast and roles

It is believed that the success and grossing film depends not only on well-thought-out plot and the quality of filming, but also actors, approved for the major and minor roles.

Kong: Skull Island

About who got the main character became known as soon as the first news about the future of film. So, son of Charles Denhem, which is sent to the risky search for his brother to play the well-known British actor – Tom Hiddleston, which is liked by the audience thanks to his role as trickster Loki in the Marvel movie “The Avengers” studio and “Thor.” In his piggy roles have somewhat more dramatic and serious. So, he starred in the role of Thomas Sharpe («Crimson Peak,” and even King Henry V in the mini-series «Shakespeare Uncovered.»

The main female role gave Brie Larson. The young actress is not as well known as her partner for shooting, but also her behind has some interesting films. For example, a game in the drama “The Room”, she was awarded the statuette “Golden Globe” and was nominated for “Oscar”. Also, the actress starred in a film by Joseph Godon-Levitt “Don Jon”.

Another well-known actor who will play the role of the aforementioned clerk – John Goodman almost immediately signed on to shoot a movie and now is always present at the site.

The company it is Samuel L. Jackson – quite eccentric actor. And who exactly he will play in this film is not yet known. As well as the role of Thomas Mann, whose involvement in the project was also known for a long time.

There are also rumors that the project may join Russell Crowe, at least to Western media talks about it actively conducted with the actor.

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