When does come out The House movie 2017


Who doesn’t love comedies? These films are one of the best when it comes to watching something together with a family or close friends. Fortunately, a number of such comedy films are huge nowadays due to the Hollywood movie companies. Good actors and friendly team is a half of the success – the screenwriter, however, creates the base of it adapted with the help of director in collaboration with the other people in a similar profession. When does The House come out?

Have to wait:

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First of all, the storyline of the upcoming American comedy was written by Andrew J. Cohen in collaboration with Brendan O’Brien. The interesting fact is that both these writers are best known in the world and the whole cinematography for writing comedy called “Neighbors” in 2014. Both Andrew and Brendan are from the New York City where they studied the same school. So they are still working together and have a warm friendship. What else can be a good reason and experience to make good family comedies? The trailer of this movie seems to be a great guide for upcoming film and allows the whole world audience to enter the plot and be a part of it.

The House movie 2017

Warner Brothers Company – what to expect in 2017?

The comedies made by Warner Bros. Pictures have a new format used in cinematography. Well-known respected in the whole world actors and actresses, good delightful atmosphere, an interesting plot full of energy and sun – this is the format of the comedies made by Hollywood. Movie The House trailer is a good example of it and tells the audience the main facts briefly entering in the story and attracting. So what is this story about?

The storyline isn’t that complicated as it may look like while watching the teaser. It is about opening the casino in the basement of the house which is illegal. The main character Scott and his wife (whose name is still unknown but will be released soon) decide to team up with their own neighbors to make a lot of money. The problem occurred at the beginning of the American comedy movie – Scott and his lovely wife have a daughter who is going to the college. Unfortunately, the parents ruin her dreams and spend the money that was provided to their daughter to pay the study – the college refund.

The House 2017 movie release date is already scheduled by the movie company after being moved several times. The first release date that was canceled because of the particular reasons should have been at the very beginning of the June in 2017. However, it has been changed so the first countries that are going to see this family comedy are the United Kingdom and the United States of America on 30th of June. The next region of the Europe who will be able to see this upcoming film is Germany with the premiere scheduled for the beginning of July the same year. And the last country where the film project is going to be represented in the famous big cinemas is the Philippines on 23rd of August.

Later on, the movie will be able to be watched on the Internet. The cast of it includes such famous actors as:

  • Will Ferrell;
  • Amy Poehler.


The House movieAs a part of the movie plot, there are other important characters and figures appear. One of them is a best friend of the main hero Scott who is constantly giving him different ideas on how to open the casino in the basement and trying to deal with the serious problem of himself – he is addicted to gambling. There are also different actors who played the characters who come to the new illegal casino in order to gamble and get rid of their own problems. One of them is called Reggie and he is an unusual suburban who works hard for the good in his life. But he starts playing in Scott’s casino to get rid of the big stress he is having because of his suburban life.

When is The House coming to the theaters – the fans of Andrew J. Cohen and Brendan O’Brien famous comedy screen stories might be asking? American and British premieres are already being scheduled and planned to be on June 22nd in 2017.  As the part of the cast, there is also another well-known actor who play a financial advisor and a wife of Scott’s friend with gambling problems whose desire is to make him sign the papers in order to divorce. The interesting fact is that the production of the film started in 2015 in LA.

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