When does come out Mary Magdalene movie 2017

Director of the film will be the G. Davis. The scriptwriter is H. Edmundson and P. Goslett. The film’s producers – I. Canning and E. Sherman were known by their project – film “The King’s Speech”, which won the 2010 four “Oscars”, including the “Best Film”.

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The release of the movie is to be shown in 2017.

In a commentary for the publication P. Kujawski and R. Walak, representatives of Universal Pictures, under whose leadership will be working on the film, said that the theme chosen for the film will remain indifferent wide audience.

“Magdalene is not a weak woman, the one on million for her time, and her history will give the audience the opportunity to experience the mixture of cultural traditions and religious ideas, which have had such a strong influence on modern history” – told the curators of the movie.

Mary Magdalene movie 2017

“We are confident that the artistic vision of Garth brings the powerful look into one of the most famous stories in the world” – noted P. Kujawski and R. Walak.

For their part, the producers I. Canning and E. Sherman announced that the upcoming work on the picture inspires them by its novelty.

“The history of the Mary Magdalene’s life has never been properly told, generally in the movie – quotes their words The Hollywood Reporter.

When is Mary Magdalene 2017 coming to theaters?

There is only one thing known that the movie will be released in 2017 in the USA.


The story of Mary is closely connected with Jesus. The woman plays an important role in one of the most important episodes of the history. When the Romans crucified Jesus, Mary stood at the foot of the cross, supporting the Savior, and then mourning his death. She was not only present at the execution but found an open grave, was the first witness to His resurrection. She is a true follower of Jesus.

Statement by Hollywood producers only partly true: She is rarely featured in the scenarios of movies as the main character, but as a character of the second plan, it has been popular during the last century.

Mary Magdalene 2017

Once in 1912 on the screens out the first feature film based on the Gospel text, – “From the manger to the cross, or Jesus of Nazareth” directed by Sidney Olcott (John Sidney Olcott; 1873-1949), Magdalene as a minor character appeared in approximately 120 pictures.

The interest of western filmmakers to the image of Magdalene is largely due to the tradition of honoring the saint in Catholicism: Western Christianity for centuries identified with her the image of a repentant whore – Mary of Bethany, sister of Lazarus.

According to this tradition, Magdalena earned money by fornication; seeing Christ, she left this thing and began to follow him.

In the popular mind, the image of a medieval Europeans penitent harlot Mary Magdalene has gained extreme popularity and beauty and entrenched to this day.

In XX century, the Catholic Church in an effort to correct the errors of understanding softened wording and in 1969 she is not mentioned as “repentant”. But, despite this, the traditional perception of her as a repentant whore that had developed over the centuries due to the influence on the mass consciousness of a large number of works of art remains unchanged.

Mary Magdalene movie

In Orthodoxy, she was as a holy Equal of the Apostles.

The death of Magdalene, within the tradition of honoring her in the Eastern Church, was not painful, she died in Ephesus.


The movie Mary Magdalene trailer is not available but it will come soon.


“Earth” view on one of the main women’s Bible images – Saint Mary Magdalene. Christ’s salvation, she becomes his faithful, but the mysterious and controversial follower, to the Crucifixion and after it.


  • R. Mara as Mary Magdalene
  • J. Phoenix as Jesus
  • C. Ejiofor as Peter
  • R. Corr as Joseph
  • T. Rahim as Judas

Release Date

Mary Magdalene 2017 movie release date is scheduled in 2017 in the USA. There is now exact information on the release.

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