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When does come out Felt movie 2017

The new upcoming movie by Peter Landesman is called “Felt”. The full information on movie you can find in the topic below. You can also find there the answer on question: “When does Felt come out?”


  • P. Landesman is a director of the movie. He is known for “Concussion”, “Parkland”, “Kill the Messenger”.
  • D. Pemberton is a compositor of the film.
  • A. Kimmel is a cinematographer.
  • D. Crank is a production designer.
  • K. Thompson is a set decorator.
  • L. Calvert is a costume designer.

Felt movie 2017

When is Felt 2017 coming to theaters?

There is no exact information on release of the movie.

Watergate scandal

August 9, 1974 is the only time in the history of the United States of America President resigned before the end of his term.

“When the clock strikes midnight in Washington, DC, from his bedroom window in the south wing of the White House creeps red-eyed creature with human legs and hyena head and jumps from a height of fifty feet on the lawn. Pausing there, only to stifle watchdog, it is carried away into the darkness … Watergate … “- so wrote the famous writer Hunter S. Thompson in his book “The Great Shark Hunt” about the 37th US President Richard Nixon in the midst of the Watergate scandal.

Nixon was originally one of the most controversial US presidents. He was the first Republican president elected after the main political tragedy in American history – the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963. It is in the hands of Nixon blood of thousands of American soldiers who lost their lives for tens of thousands of kilometers from home – during a failed military campaign the Americans in Vietnam. Riots, demonstrations in the United States were dispersed by thousands of police on the orders of the president.

Against this background proceeded the election campaign of 1972, the main opponent of Nixon an unexpected Democratic candidate George McGovern. In the end, Nixon still won in those elections – McGovern was a weak candidate who, among other things, lost the support of the party leaders and did not find an ally in the third of the Kennedy brothers who refused to be his vice president.

One of the “Watergate” engines has become the media that constantly seemed to add fuel to the fire, with enviable regularity publishing scandalous details of the investigation. If this part of information wasn’t available to the public, who knows, whether would this scandal broke out or all would have gone unnoticed. His victims could be only those five hapless burglars with bugs in the hotel “Watergate”.

Felt 2017

Of course, the primary task of law enforcement agencies was an investigation against the president and his staff. But in the FBI could not understand how in media appears information which even within the Bureau passes stamped “top secret”. However, all attempts to track sensitive information flows were in vain.

The journalists reported only that their source is a high-ranking official, whom they named “Deep Throat”. Throughout the two years, while there was an investigation and trial, “Deep Throat” supplied the newspaper with new fried facts which makes life difficult for the president and makes it impossible not only to stop but even slowing down the investigation.

As a result, the character “Deep Throat” became a cult, not only in the world of the media but in contemporary art. The same, for example, is the name of the informant in the legendary TV series “The X-Files” which provides the FBI agent Mulder most terrible secrets of the US government.


Personality of “Deep Throat” was discovered only 30 years after the scandal – in 2005. It turned out that during this time the journalists secret investigation materials are supplied by FBI Deputy Director Mark Felt.

After Nixon’s resignation, his seat took Vice President Gerald Ford. He was a Republican, but had no relation to Richard. His protégé on this post, Agnew, resigned earlier when accused of his criminal activities. The next one who became a president was democrat – Jimmy Carter.


The movie Felt trailer is not available.

The movie will tell us a story about the President of the USA Nixon and the big scandal which happened in the hotel “Watergate”


  • M. Hall as John Dean
  • L. Neeson as Mark Felt
  • D. Lane as Audrey Felt
  • M. Monroe as Joan Felt
  • M. Csokas as Pat Gray
  • I. Barinholtz as Angelo Lano

Release Date

Felt 2017 movie release date is not known but creators say that the movie will come in 2017 in the USA.

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