When does come out Momentum movie 2017

Secrets of Ocean in our century remain a mystery. We are seeking into space and we know about it much more than the ocean. The life of a living organism, the world’s oceans remains mystery. Many of us live and do not realize that the world is full of wonders. And the birth of a person is also a miracle. World Ocean, the water element has always attracted the attention of mankind. The water itself is not explainable and mysterious. And if you look further, you can see the unique natural areas where focused inexplicable events. All this unique natural areas you will see in the next movie that we are going to observe. The name of it is “Momentum”. All the answers on questions like “When does Momentum come out?” or “When is Momentum coming to theaters?” you will find out in the topic below.

Momentum 2017


The directors of the movie are M. Coggiola and A. Kade

The compositor of the movie is a W. Lemanski.

  1. Ferioli is a cinematographer.
  2. Tra is a film editor.

Visual Effects

Jason Stevenson

Sound Effects

  1. Kade
  2. Kosterkiewicz
  3. Retford

Idea of the movie

Secrets and mysteries of the seas and oceans always attracted explorers and travelers. The life is hidden under a layer of water is another; it is not like usual and accessible world. World Ocean is a space but only on the Earth. The pressure which is generated by the volume of seawater securely conceals something underwater. We can learn only relieves of the ocean floor. The pressure generated by the water will crush anyone who wants to disclose ocean’s secrets. The bottom is covered with ocean basins and troughs. Some of them are very deep. The pressure in the depths of the ocean is in thousand times higher than the pressure on the planet’s surface! Due to all these factors the biochemistry of underwater world is not like any other world.

The famous mystery area in World Ocean that we know is Bermuda Triangle. Its area is about one million square kilometers. For the first time the disappearance in the area of aircraft and ships began in the middle of the last century. In December 1945, five bombers “Avenger” did not return from a flight. Before the disappearance of the pilots sent the message that they are completely disoriented. On their rescue has been sent to a seaplane but he disappeared too. By the end of the century in this area were registered about fifty cases of disappearance of planes and ships.

There are a lot of mysterious places and phenomena in the World Ocean. Probably it’s not even worth dreaming about that soon we will reveal all its secrets.


The movie Momentum trailer is already available.


From ancient times a man interested in what is happening in the world of the ocean depths, trying to penetrate its secrets. The vastness of the underwater world has always fascinated man.

Sometimes scientists are joke that the world ocean waters studied much worse than the Dark side of the Moon. Partly they are right, because in the world’s oceans are currently studied only 5 percent.

In one of the Sumerian legends says that Gilgamesh went to the ocean floor in search of algae that can give him immortality, but his adventure was not lucky. Since then, interest in the ocean floor does not subside.

Long before people began to explore space and explore the mysteries of the universe, began the study the ocean depths. It was built a lot of submersibles and autonomous underwater vehicles, underwater surveillance cameras.

The movie will try to discover the wonderful underwater world.


  1. Maiorca
  2. Streeter
  3. Néry
  4. Gautier
  5. Carrera
  6. Rochat

Momentum 2017 movie release date is programmed on 17th of February.

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