When does come out Smurfs: The Lost Village movie 2017


Sony has been fortunate economically with Smurfs Franchise. You will be interested to know how they create such quality product, which once again will bring a lot of profit. The characters are well developed as much as possible. They can cause a variety of feelings, especially astonishment. And you will empathize with each character. We have something to discuss, also you can find out in this article when the Smurfs: The Lost Village comes out.

Smurfs: The Lost Village


These tiny nosed gnomes in white caps came into our houses a very long time ago in the “Kinder Surprise”. Smurfs come from a comic book, like many, many characters in contemporary cinema. So this animated family movie comes out in 2017 and is going to restart the story of the Smurfs.

Have to wait:

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The company of friends Clumsy and Hefty, Smurfette and Brainy are animated in this comedy. They love to sing, each of them has its own distinctive feature. They live in a cozy village and certainly listen to daddy. We will keep an eye on their adventure through the Forbidden Forest. And at the end the most innermost in Smurf story will be revealed. Magical creatures live in the deep fairy forest and many of them are on the way. How do Smurfs manage to find the forgotten and hidden village? After all, the evil wizard tries to do the same. Since the creators has opened access to the first movie Smurfs: The Lost Village trailer, we found appearance design of the characters. And now we will talk about actors behind the characters.


Work on the movie still continues, but everyone would like to know about the stellar voices participating in the making:

  • Smurfette character

A new approach was decided for the female voice after Katy Perry. Cooperation with the new Demi Lovato voice was the right decision. There is rated as a positive change in the atmosphere of the film with the appearance of happiness and joy in the woman’s irresistible voice. Indeed Demi Lovato overcame depression very effectively and now she is completely full of energy, and enthusiasm, and talent, as always.

  • Clumsy character

Jack McBrayer has much more in common with his animated character, than it seems at first glance. There is similar nature of absent-mindedness. Obviously this voice was the perfect choice. After all, Jack McBrayer has successfully worked in the genre of comedy and has distinguished an active cartoon manner. This style will complement the energy of the cartoon.

  • Brainy character

Danny Pudi makes a strong link in the team. He is very clever, bespectacled and is very popular, and you’ll soon see place in story, what he will take, showing his potential.

  • Hefty character

Joe Manganiello has also a large muscle mass. You will see the adventures of the strongest and one of the bravest of the Smurfs. It will be interesting and entertaining to watch as the actor played a major and complex role.

Smurfs: The Lost Village movie

  • Papa Smurf character

With the help of animation masters the oldest Smurf looks exactly like the actor Mandy Patinkin. Of course, not only animation programmers did a good job, casting picked special actors to suit by the timbre of the voice and by temperament. There are serious talents gathered in cast. Let’s compare the new composition of the team with the old Smurfs.

When is Smurfs: The Lost Village coming

So when is Smurfs: The Lost Village 2017 coming to theaters? The release date was postponed several times. We expect it was the last time and release date will be April 7, 2017 (in USA). This are easy story, magic, many smurf-words and laughter here, so the film is also suitable for family viewing.

This movie is not a continuation, but is a different look and a creative approach from the original story. This is the first film of the series, which will not have any live-action at all. Differences will take place in this fairy tale as interpretation using the most advanced graphics.

Smurfs: The Lost Village 2017 movie release date can be changed, because the film takes a lot of technical work. But also an important part of this animated cartoon is a rich, unusual humor. Sometimes it can be confusing, but you definitely will not be bored.

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