When does come out The Bleeder movie 2017


“The Bleeder” is a new upcoming sports movie by Philippe Falardeau. People who likes sport that motivating us, you should watch this movie. We will give full information on the movie and also the answer to the main question: “When does The Bleeder come out?”


  • P. Falardeau is a director of the movie. He is known for “Monsieur Lazar”, “It’s not me, I swear!”, “The Good Lie”, “Congorama”.
  • C. Jackson is a composer of the film.
  • N. Bolduc is a cinematographer.
  • R. Comeau is a film editor.
  • I. Weinberg is a production designer.
  • G. Cordoba is an art director.
  • K. Anderson is a set decorator.

The Bleeder 2017 movie

When is The Bleeder 2017 coming to theaters?

The movie will go onto the screen in spring 2017 in the USA.


In 1882, John Sullivan became the first world champion in boxing, but the fight was then still “barehanded”. The beginning of a new era in Pro boxing considered a match in 1892 between Sullivan and James Corbett, known as Gentleman Jim, to whom rowdy champion finally put on the gloves. And then he lost his title … It is now in professional boxing 18 categories, and there are five at the end of the XIX century, and in the eyes of the fans one – hard. Sullivan’s height was 179 сm, and the “tall” Corbett – 186 cm while the current world champion Vladimir Klitschko – 198 cm and the holder of the WBC belt Deonteya Wilder – 201 cm.

The fighters have become much richer. After winning the first title in 1882 Sullivan went on a promotional tour (promoting new boxing “Queensberry Rules”) – traveled by train 136 of the cities for 238 days. Everyone could spend with him “a sparring” for $ 250”. And for the championship as boasted Sullivan, he earns: “As the US president!” It is 25 thousand dollars. The average fee of Vladimir Klitschko – 6-8 million dollars for the fight…

Modern boxing began to take shape in the “Broughton’s Rules” (1743): for example, it was impossible to grasp the opponent by the hair, and losing one whom second (who was at the time of the battle in the ring!) for 30 seconds could not bring up boxer to the mark in the center of the ring. It continues on the “London Prize Ring Rules” (1838) and almost took shape in its current form in the “Marquis of Queensberry Rules” (1867). Wrote them, by the way, the journalist Welshman Chambers and the Marquis only paid for the publication and “promote” rules. There were not limitations of a number of rounds. Now in league matches a maximum of 12 rounds, and in the historic fight between Sullivan and Corbett,  last ever world champion in the fighting on “bare” hands Sullivan lost by knockout in the 21st  three-minute (three minutes were already). And the long fight was in 1855 – 6 hours and 15 minutes.

There were unwritten rules. At the turn of XIX-XX centuries had tight life dark-skinned boxers: they are often boxed only in the circle. And all “thanks to” Sullivan, who refused to carry out the championship battles against blacks, and on ordinary fights, he had his tax rate: “White people – $ 10 000. Blacks are twice as much”. His principles followed and the more recent champions. Only in 1908 for a huge fee of $ 30,000, Tommy Burns agreed to fight with the Afro Jack Johnson. And he lost by points. Ironically, today is the most expensive African American boxer Mayweather, who earned a record for the fight $ 180 million.

The Bleeder 2017

Since there was a pro-boxing, and there were posters for the fights. Current are aggressive and brighter, but old are expensive! $ 50,000 is the biggest price that was paid for the boxing poster of previous years where was announced rematch of sworn rivals – Joe Louis and Max Schmeling (1938). The average price for vintage posters is ranging from $ 200 to $ 4000. In online auctions, appearing for sale the old tickets to the fights. Very old! The ticket with the first “glove” title clash between Corbett and Sullivan (1892) is worth $ 1640, but you can take a copy for 2.50.


You can watch the official movie The Bleeder trailer on the YouTube.


The movie will tell us a story about the boxer Chuck Wepner.


  • N. Watts as Linda
  • R. Perlman as Al Braverman
  • L. Schreiber as Chuck Wepner
  • E. Moss as Phyliss
  • J. Gaffigan as John
  • P. Hall as Muhammed Ali

Release Date

The Bleeder 2017 movie release date is unknown but it is planned to show movie in spring 2017 in the USA.

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