When does come out Unforgettable movie 2017


The psychological thriller “Unforgettable” is the directorial debut of producer Denise Di Novi who takes a direct part in the creation of a large number of good movies as well as repeatedly cooperated with the gloomy Hollywood storyteller Tim Burton. In the article below we will give all information on the movie and the answer to the question which is so much on million’s fans minds:  “When does Unforgettable come out?”

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  • D. Novi is a director of the movie. She took part in filming “Edward Scissorhands”, “The Nightmare before Christmas”.
  • T. Chu is a composer of the movie.
  • C. Deschanel is a cinematographer.
  • F. Thoraval is a film editor.
  • N. Coates is a production designer.
  • C. Dileo is an art director.
  • R. Gould is a set decorator.
  • M. Toy is a costume designer.

Unforgettable movie 2017

When is Unforgettable 2017 coming to theaters?

It is planned to release the movie in theaters at the end of April 2017 in the USA.

Interesting Facts

Kate Hudson and Kerry Washington are considered as main candidates but Washington has preferred a role in the drama “Confirmation” (2016). Hudson also dropped out of the project, and eventually, the roles got Katherine Heigl and Rosario Dawson.

Director of the tape was supposed to be Amma Asante but she left the project when Kerry Washington refused to co-star.


The official movie Unforgettable trailer can watch on the YouTube. It is already available.

How to deal with the ex-wife?

Marriage to a man who already have one (if not more) marriage – it is always the presence of certain difficulties. And they become even more if he has children from the first wife. One way or another, he cannot escape communication with his ex-wife. How to build a relationship with her? Is your marriage threatening his ex-wife?

Unforgettable 2017

Ex-wife for her husband – who is she?

Before to understand – what to do with ex-wife, you should understand the main thing that the ex-wife is friend, job, spiritual connection and common children. It is necessary to recognize and accept it as a fact. The development of relations with the man, who already has an ex-wife, is usually going in several scenarios:

  • The ex-wife is just a friend. Emotional attachment is left; therefore, she remains as part of husband’s life. In this case, your life is not in danger, even if they have children – of course, only if his ex-wife does not feel something for your husband.
  • The ex-wife is a hidden enemy. She wants to be your friend, she is quite often at your house parties and more often intersects with your husband – in most cases, in your absence. Her feelings have not changed for her husband, and she was waiting for a chance to get him back – gently and quietly tuning ex-husband against you by interfering in your life, demanding regular meetings with ex-husband on the pretext that “children miss”.
  • Husband emotionally attached to the ex-wife. In this case, “to delete” the opponent from family does not work. Husband immediately (actions or words) will confront you about the fact that you have to take his ex-wife for granted. To distinguish this type of attachment is simple – a husband deals with his ex-wife on only their understandable language, even in your presence, gifts from her always in a prominent place, the common picture is not put away in the closet, and there are in an album on the shelf.
  • The ex-wife is possessive. She is constantly looking for meetings with her husband, she simply cannot stand you and try to ruin your life although she is not going to return her husband. In this case, the husband only loves you very much and suffers from seeing his ex-wife – but with children usually do not divorce so he has no choice but to endure the whims of an ex-wife.

Unforgettable movie

The ex-wife of the husband is not the competitor. No need to compete with a man who has long been a closed book for a husband. It is not necessary to prove husband and his ex-wife, that you are better than her. When husband left feeling for her – you cannot change it. If he wants to live with you all his life – this cannot prevent any ex-wife or their common children.


Ex-wife wants to turn the life of a new lady of the ex-husband into a nightmare.


  • K. Heigl as Tessa Connover
  • R. Dawson as Julia Banks
  • C. Ladd as Tessa’s Mother
  • G. Stults as David Connover

Release Date

Unforgettable 2017 movie release date is scheduled on 21st of April, 2017 in the USA.

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