When does come out The Circle movie 2017


“The Circle” is a new sci-fi movie version on the Dave Eggers’s same name book directed by James Ponsoldt. People who loves movie in such genre can find full information on movie in the topic below and answer on the question: “When does The Circle come out?”

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  • J. Ponsoldt is a director of the movie. He is known for “The Spectacular Now”, “The End of the Tour”.
  • D. Elfman is a compositor of the movie.
  • M. Libatique is a cinematographer.
  • L. Lassek is a film editor.
  • G. Sullivan is a production designer.
  • S. Pott  is an art director.
  • R. Brandenburg is a set decorator.
  • E. Potter is a costume designer.

The Circle movie 2017

When is The Circle 2017 coming to theaters?

It is planned to release movie on screens in the end of April, 2017 in the USA.

About the book

The advent of a new era is accompanied by numerous discoveries and the rapid development of technology previously unknown to wide audience. And if someone happily meets the fruits of progress, someone will certainly see in them a diabolical temptation. Someone enthusiastically sees castles in the sky of starry philosophical reflection, while others gloomily predict imminent decline of civilization and the loss of the usual society. The advent of the information age could not be reflected in the literature, including in the genre of dystopia.

However, it is necessary to divide the novel in which the anti-utopian scenery used for the decoration of the line adventure, and social simulation, where the author examines the concept of idealistic-terrible society. That is why, to the latter refers “Sphere” by Dave Eggers, where before us is to build a society with an exaggerated development of information technologies. It is understood that a certain proportion of the grotesque is absolutely necessary to emphasize the potentially dangerous trend.

The outer “Sphere” is rapidly conquering the markets of the company – looks like a Google or Facebook, with their love of attracting creative staff, the persistent imposition of their social services, and the collection of personal data. Eggers has resorted to the usual reception with the rookie hero who becomes acquainted with the schedule, is included in the swing of things and imbued with the spirit of the company. However, the dark side of corporate ethics has long been well ridiculed. Therefore Eggers made a focus on the challenges and threats posed by excessive information transparency of the company.

“Secret is a lie”, “Share means love”, “Private is what have stolen!” – proclaim managers of the “Sphere”, transforming society in a huge aquarium. Peace with transparent walls, without a personal and secret, where everyone is obliged to watch every. Of course, all this for the good of humanity! For total control nullify the war, crime and violence. A “Cloud Democracy” will allow people to directly influence decision-making, such as choosing a menu in the dining room, the new president, or even the decision to liquidate the terrorist leader, in spite of the possible collateral damage.

Much of the novel is only repeating points already described in other dystopias. But Eggers managed to catch two very important things. Firstly, this unquenchable thirst for “news man” that constantly gets attention and approval. Being in the center of events, to like and repost, to post and comment. And also, hear the praise and compliments, to climb in the ranking and get tons of likes. Deep infantilism, weighed down by perfectionism. And secondly, the importance of self-sustaining illusion is given of all this online game, the construction of the internal hierarchy of the levels, and rules.

The Circle 2017

Of course, the described scenario is hopelessly idealistic, because in reality, would be faced with many problems. However, questions of manipulation of public opinion, depending on the network and pervasive controls do not become any less relevant. In particular are the first two. “Sphere” is like a shark devouring all living things, real emotions and actions, leaving only barren ash illusions.


The official movie The Circle trailer you can watch on the YouTube.


The woman named Mae is got a job at the big company where meets a strange man.


  • E. Watson as Mae Holland
  • T. Hanks as Bailey
  • K. Gillan as Annie

Release Date

The Circle 2017 movie release date is scheduled on 28th of April, 2017 in the USA.

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