When does come out Girls Trip movie 2017


The new movie by Malcolm D. Lee is called “Girls Trip”. Full information on movie we will give in the article below. There you can also know the answer on the main question: “When does Girls Trip come out?”

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  • M. Lee is a director of the movie. He is known for “The Best Man Holiday”, “Undercover Brother”, “The Best Man”, “Scary Movie 5”.
  • D. Newman is a compositor of the film.
  • G. Gardiner is a cinematographer.
  • P. Millspaugh is a film editor.
  • K. Burns is a production designer.
  • J. Stewart is an art director.

Girls Trip 2017 movie

When is Girls Trip 2017 coming to theaters?

The movie comes on screens in the end of July, 2017 in the USA.

Female friendship

Rivalry Women is common theme in literature and cinema. About they say, “Sworn friend”. But intrigue and gossip in the women’s teams are recognized as commonplace. What is the root of discord? Why do women compete even with those who are friends?

This female friendship, solidarity and sisterly feelings exist. But there is another way. We and our way of life is not like a huge number of women around just because we, too, from “Venus”, – says sex therapist and relationship expert Nikki Goldstein.

She names three reasons why are women so often set unfavorably in relation to each other:

  • jealousy;
  • a sense of vulnerability;
  • competition.

“The feud between girls begins in the junior high school – says evolutionary biologist at Harvard University, Joyce Benenson. – If the boys openly physically attack those who they do not like the girls show much higher figures the hostility, which is expressed in deceit and manipulation”.

The stereotype of the “good girl” does not allow young women to express openly aggression, and she becomes veiled. In the future, this pattern of behavior carries over to adulthood.

Joyce Benenson conducted a study and concluded that women feel better in pairs, not in groups. Especially if equality is not respected in the latter and there is a certain hierarchy. “Throughout the life, women need to take care of the needs of children and aging parents” – says Joyce Beneson. – “If a family clan, a marriage partner, “equivalent” friends are perceived as helpers in this complex case, but in the stranger women are particularly seeing a direct threat”.

According to observations by Nikki Goldstein, most women do not tend to support their successful female colleagues at work because of the high vulnerability and social dependence. More emotional and anxious by nature, they tend to compare themselves to others and to project onto them their own professional failure.

Similarly, dissatisfaction with their appearance pushes to accusatory shortcomings in others. In addition to the careerists, female community also does not favor open-minded and sexually attractive girls.

“Sex really is often used by some women as a tool to solve various problems” – says Nikki Goldstein. – “Popular culture contributes to the stereotyping of carefree beauty that evaluated only in terms of appearance. These stereotypes are frustrating women who want to be appreciated for the mind”.

Sexologist Zhana Vrangalova from the National Institute for Development and Research in New York in 2013 conducted a study which showed that students avoid friendship with classmate who frequently changes partners. In contrast to the students, for them the number of sexual partners among their friends is not so important.

Girls Trip movie

“But the maximum hostility between women reaches when they have children” – says Nikki Goldstein. – “Do I need to give the baby cry? Whether diapers are harmful? What age should a child start to walk, talk?” All this is the favorite topics for transshipments in the women’s communities and on playgrounds. These relationships are exhausting. There will always be another woman – a mother who will criticize your methods of education”.

In order to get rid of the negativity, Nikki Goldstein advises women not be afraid to speak openly about their experiences.


The movie Girls Trip trailer you can watch on the YouTube. It is already available.


The movie is about the friends that will rediscover the wild sides of each other when they go to New Orleans for the Music Festival.


The characters of the two main actresses J. Smith and Q. Latifah are not disclosed.

  • R. Hall as Ryan
  • T. Haddish as Dina
  • L. Tate as Julian

Release Date

Girls Trip 2017 movie release date is scheduled on 21st of July, 2017 in the USA.

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