When does come out The Dark Tower movie 2017


Each fan of Stephen King novels and many others people are asking the same question – When does The Dark Tower come out? This movie is one of the main premieres in 2017.

The novel series and comic books

This film adaptation is the result of several attempts of many peoples. As finally result you will see a wonderful film version with so perfect actors like Idris Elba (as the shooter) and unbelievable Matthew McConaughey (as the mysterious enemy, devil).

The Dark Tower movie 2017

The Dark Towers consists of several books, which was written by King and has seven books. This series was sold in fourteen (40) countries with more than 30 millions copies. This novel and movie combines very different types of genres such as science fiction, fantasy, adventure, horror and even western. Of course horror, because Stephen King is well-known author of horror and also science fiction and supernatural fiction as well.

This story also was published as comic books – as a prequel and it was based on one of the characters. The series of comic books were published when the series of novel was finished.

The comic books were published by Marvel Comics.

These novels describe the adventures of a group of shooters and their way to the Dark Tower. This tower is a mystical place which keeps the universe together and protects it from destruction.

If You didn’t read The Dark Tower…

This series of novel tell us the interesting journey (quest we can say) of the Mid-World. The main character is Roland Deschain (Idris Elba in film adaptation 2017). He is an unusual knight – his weapon is two revolvers. His aim is to get the Dark Tower (a mystical point which connect together space and time) to save his declining universe.

His companion is mystical man with different names, but the main name is Walter Padick (Matthew McConaughey in film adaptation 2017) and he is a devil! We don’t know the Walter Padick’s age. But we know that he is a liar and magician and his goal is to get a big power and possibility to rule over lands and kingdoms. He will get this power if he gets to the tower.

Roland must finish his path and several people will help him in this case – Eddie (drawing a junkie), Susannah (a woman with amputees), Jake (young man). All of them are the “ka-tet” – the team kept together by fate.

And now is the Movie…

The good news about movie The Dark Tower – trailer is available and You can already watch it.

According to the story, Roland is the last living member of the Royal Order of Shooters and the last of the Arthur Elda’s family (Arthur Elda is like King Arthur). The Roland’s world has some differences and specific features, but it is very similar to ours.

The political system and base of society is feudalism. But with its technological and social system it’s very close to the “very-American” and very-Wild West. The main difference is magic! Although, the magic is almost left the Mid-World, but some remains of developed society were saved.

The Dark Tower

You can watch this amazing and mysterious movie very soon – The Dark Tower 2017 movie release date is very close!!! In the beginning, the plan of Sony Pictures was to show the release of the movie in cinemas on January 13th, 2017. But now it is February!

The director’s story… Long story…

The story of movie direction was not easy. The project has its beginning in 2007. Since then there were several official reports, but there were any results. The project had three directors for all period since 2007: 2007 – 2009 it was headed with J.J. Abrams, 2010 – 2015 the director was Ron Howard, and finally – from 2015 till now it is Nikolaj Arcel. But Ron Howard is a producer of the movie.

Nikolaj Arcel is well-known after co-writing of the film adaptation of the Stieg Larsson story (Swedish version).

Cast and characters

We already know some members of Ronald’s team on his way to the Dark Tower. The main characters and actors (cast) of the movie is a great company and tandem of well-known and talented actors, such as Idris Elba and Tom Taylor, Alex McGregor and others.

You can be sure – you’ll enjoy with this movie. So, the best thing you can do – watch this movie with your friends. In this way, you can discuss it and share yours impressions together.

So, the answer for the question: “When is The Dark Tower 2017 coming to theaters?” is February 17th, 2017. Remember it!!!

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