When does come out The Greatest Showman on Earth movie 2017

The Greatest Showman on Earth is a new musical dramatic movie directed by Michael Gracey. The upcoming musical is based on a true biography of Mr. Phineas Taylor Barnum, famous US politician, showman, entrepreneur, father of the 19th century’s the most famous traveling circuses, Barnum & Bailey Circus. Mr. Barnum is also known as a pioneer of entertainment, creator of the circus with three rings concept. Barnum was a dreamer who found his way up from nothing to create the «Greatest Show on Earth». Festivity of his larger-than-life imagination fascinated public all around the world. So the main question is when does The Greatest Showman on Earth come out.

Have to wait:

The drama tells about Barnum’s love, career losses or successes, ups or downs. Barnum’s life was full of unexpected turns and situations, so filmmakers have a lot of original material to work with.

The Greatest Showman on Earth


The movie script is created by three American authors: Jenny Bicks, Michael Arndt, and Oscar-winner William Condon. Songs are composed by musical theater composing team known as Pasek and Paul. These authors co-worked on musical adaptations for a lot of popular cinema pictures. Their full names are Benj Pasek, Justin Paul.

The Greatest Showman’s director M.Gracey is well known by his previous works as a true visual artist who knows how to blend dynamic moviemaking with show-stopping performance characteristics. He may feel some lack of practice in the feature-directing area, but there cannot be any problems with such a great team of extremely experienced screenwriters, composers, dance actions’ producers.

This seems to be the first live-action studio musical with fresh songs in over decades. The initial plan supposed to start filming in 2015. However, regular rehearsals and the principal photography started only in autumn 2016. Since this movie is full of bright movie stars, it is promised to be hilarious and fascinating. So, there are some good reasons for a premiere to be planned for winter holidays.


The upcoming movie The Greatest Showman on Earth trailer is not available yet on YouTube as well as there is no official site. However, the new show is expected to be fascinating and very impressive, so there are many publications in a press about public expectations and hopes regarding this film.

The Twentieth Century Fox Filming Studio announced the date of release recently. The Greatest Showman on Earth 2017 movie release date is the 25th of December.

So there are chances for Hugh Jackman’s fan community to enjoy his talent for Christmas in a colorful mysterious biopic movie full of great songs and movie stars. Along with Mr. Jackman, many popular musically talented actors are involved. The cast members’ list is full of famed names:

  • Zachary Efron,
  • Michelle Ingrid Williams,
  • Rebecca Louisa Ferguson,
  • Zendaya Coleman and others.

Tony winner Hugh Jackman headlines great show. The veteran of screen and stage will act the main role of Mr. Barnum. During one of latest tours, Jackman even sang several songs from the upcoming show. Jackman also plays as a producer of this show.

The Greatest Showman on Earth 2017

An actress from Sweden Rebecca Ferguson was invited to act as famous Swedish 18th-century opera singer Jenny Lind. The singer was famous by her crystal-clear soprano voice. Originally, P.T. Barnum invited the Swedish singer to perform a great concert series through the US in 1850. One of the story lines will be devoted to Barnum’s infatuation with Swedish Nightingale Jenny Lind.

Zac Efron’s personage is Phillip, a playwriter who became the best Barnum’s helpmate. Michelle Williams plays a role of Charity Barnum, Barnum’s first wife, and love interest. Also, the audience will see young American actress, dancer, and singer Zendaya Coleman, better known as Zendaya, in a role of circus equilibrist and Phillip’s love.


Answering questions when The Greatest Showman on Earth is coming to theaters we say there is hope that next Christmas holidays will be marked by this film. The first one to see a new movie is the USA. The premiere is planned for 25th of December, 2017. A few days later the film will come to European movie theaters. Exact release dates are

  • 25th of December for the USA
  • 28th of December for Germany
  • 29th of December for the United Kingdom
  • 11th of January for the Netherlands
  • 12th of January for Argentina
  • 18th of January for Russia.
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