When does come out The Last Word movie 2017


Throughout her long and difficult biography harsh, successful business woman Harriet Lawlor (Shirley MacLaine), held under the total control of all aspects of her work and personal life. Her company prospers and brings a good income, but the retirement age lady Miss Harriet realizes that soon enough will be time to go into another world. Life is ending and now the main hero is going to leave behind a resounding last word that is an autobiographical obituary. When does The Last Word come out and about what will be movie?

Control-freak – so called people of this type, and Harriet – one of the most prominent representatives of this nature. Since it is a lifetime to run a large business, it used to do everything by herself. The hero of the film “The Last Word” hard on himself and demands the same from others. However, it does not have the basic – human respect and love. And all because she has always tried to control the processes around her. She even pointed to the gynecologist, which diagnoses to put and about what did not even talk. She has a gardener who works in the house. But sometimes she even reworks his work. To some extent, she is a perfectionist. Even for write her obituary she wants to hire a writer. Movie The Last Word trailer you can look in a good quality.

The Last Word movie 2017

Even after the death Harriet wants to know what people will read about her and the way how she will remain in the memory of relatives, friends, and former colleagues. Even now, when her life is coming to an end, the main hero decided to check what everyone will say after her death. Lawler decided to create an obituary that will be read later, and most importantly – that it had been written sincere and kind words. Control-freak Harriet wants to hear the last word right now, and then approve the final word or to impose her final veto. Therefore, a woman goes to the editors of the main board of the newspaper and met with the author, who will write the obituary of her, when comes to the desired day. The author, who will be entrusted with such a dubious honor, is a journalist Anna. Anna gladly accepted such an unusual job, but after a few hours, she understood that she cannot deal with it. The Last Word 2017 movie release date is scheduled for march 2017.

What to do if everyone hates you?

The cast with Shirley MacLaine and Amanda Seyfried played perfect. The girl who is journalist will work under the full client dictation. Powerful hand of the old woman wants to control everything, even her own life story. Initially, a journalist belonged to her employer very cautious. But at the time of recording, she realized how many interesting stories and tests, there were in the life of the woman. It turned out that every person who knows Harriet hated her and wished her a speedy death.

The Last Word 2017

How can you write a nice obituary? They collect every single detail from a variety of old newspaper articles. All the facts are altered for the better or just are erased. Anna Sherman, together with the old woman make a list of two hundred names. With all these people the future hero of obituary connects some business. And she needs to fix relationships with everyone. But almost everyone who meets Anna, speak about the acquaintance with Harriet sharply in a negative way. To collect any positive information almost not possible. The list comes to an end, most of the names submitted headlines with a red marker. After reviewing the results of the work of Anna, an elderly woman realizes that with her life was something wrong. The corrosive employer decides to change her life until she has the opportunity to be positively remembered by people. When is The Last Word coming to theaters? It will come up 3 march 2017.

She wanna change her Life

She wants now to change everything. From the African orphanage, she takes a troubled teenager. Now it’s time to carry out her dream – she had always wanted to work as a disc jockey on the radio. Gradually, the young lady understands that to write an obituary is too early. After all, in the life of her employer, there are new horizons. When is The Last Word coming to theaters? It will come up 3 march 2017.

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