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When does come out No Way Jose movie 2017

The new comedy “No Way Jose” by Juan Molina is coming up. So the question arises: “When does No Way Jose come out?” We will try to answer this question in the topic below.


The filmmaker of the movie is Juan Molina. He is known for “Guys like Us”, “Fat Actor”, “Ingress”.

Why comedy?

Since the appearance of the cinema, the world has seen countless films of varies genres and directions. Cinema has long been one of the most popular ways of spending leisure time and many people prefer watching movies than all kinds of entertainment. The comedy is the best way to remove stress and have a good time because this genre is the most fun, the most lively and the most extraordinary.

The huge popularity of comedies primarily is due to the fact that they are suitable for people of different ages. Comedy is equally popular as an adult audience and teenagers and even children. The main goal of any comedy – to make the audience laugh and cheer it up, that’s why this movie does not require intellectual work, the viewer’s brain while watching is rest and fill with positive mood. Time while watching comedy flies very fast and the mood that gets people remain for a long time.

The popularity of comedy is also due to the fact that the comedy genre is successfully combined with many other film genres, which means that it can satisfy the tastes of even the demanding viewer. For example, fans of black humor may find a lot of horror comedies, for lovers of action there a bunch of action comedies, and even for fans of heavy philosophical comedies is filmed movies, where, together with humor are affected serious questions. In addition, comedy goes great with fantasy, and detective, and crime, and romance. Genre comedy so vividly varied that each viewer will be able to find among the variety of humorous pictures of the movie according to his taste and preferences, whether it is a lyrical comedy for a relaxing family evening or a humorous film, which will make your company of friends rolling on the floor. The versatility of the genre allows you to collect a huge audience of spectators, regardless of age and social status, which is another definite plus.

In addition, it is comic scenes make people not only enjoy but also to believe in a good ending. After all, most of these films end with a happy ending, which means that each viewer gets a piece of hope and faith in a better thing. That’s why so many people love the cinema!

The movie No Way Jose trailer is now available on YouTube.

The idea of the movie

A midlife crisis is a common psychological problem that visiting each man from 35 to 40 years. Youth is running out like sand through his fingers. A man suddenly realizes that old age is not far off that the best part of life is left behind, he would soon begin to lose power, and there is nothing he can do to turn the time back. He is getting older.

The crisis can overtake men a little earlier or later, but suffer the illness gives anyway. It is advisable to leave a ghostly hope that it will bypass because this difficult stage has to get over every man regardless of the material conditions and psychological balance.

If one “perfect” day of man’s mood is replaced with a lightning speed, appears irritable grumbling and complaints about the failed fate means that an “X” hour had arrived. The comedy movie will tell us a story about a man who has fallen on hard times. And he tries to solve all the problems that arise in his head.


The movie is about erstwhile indie-rocker who is on verge of turning 40 and at a crossroads in his life.


  1. Bogart as Scott
  2. Ortega as Alice
  3. Frances as Jose’s Mom
  4. Underwood as Tonya
  5. Revolver as Matthew

When is No Way Jose coming to theaters?

The movie will come to theaters in the first part of March.

No Way Jose 2017 movie release date is scheduled on 1st March, 2017.

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