When does come out Whispers movie 2017


  • N. Miller is a director of the movie. He is known for “Seven”, “Neighbors. Sorority Rising 2”, “Casting”, “Alien Shadows”

When is Whispers coming to theaters?

The “Whispers” is scheduled to release in theatres in the begging of the July.

What is paranormal?

The term “paranormal” evokes a feeling of something questionable, reprehensible and charlatan. Paranormal means “lying outside the traditional and explicable of human experience in the science.” In general, there is nothing abnormal and reprehensible in this. Moreover, it is a natural and scientific primary experimental fixation. However, what person captures in his experience as authentic that is gradually becoming a “normal” subject of research, experiment, discussion and explanations by constructing relevant models and theories.

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Any of the traditional religions is evidence of “miracles”. Permanent appeal to the “miraculous” is contained in the “Old” and “New” Testament. “Miracle” is a fixed fact, coming into conflict with the existing notions of understandable. It is always a challenge in relation to the established system of knowledge. The laws of nature are the laws designated by the man and not all of an infinite number of valid laws of the existence of the universe. What is a miracle within a single explanatory system in another system is not already a miracle. The fact that in the middle Ages was a miracle, now firmly established in the daily existence of man. We know what the psychological shock of the collision causes the representatives of traditional communities with modern technosphere. For them, almost every household detail of our world is a miracle. But for the modern man is still valid phenomenon “miraculous”. Actually terminology of paranormal means, only in other words, the phenomenon of a miracle. Some phenomena are inexplicable and abnormal in relation to the current scientific paradigm and the actual level of scientific knowledge. But what is “inexplicable” today does not mean “inexplicable” in the future.

Examples of paranormal events in the real world

A person may spontaneously without any external force float in the air, with the help of a mental desire to move or bend the metal and wooden objects and it is only with the power of eyes, the power of thought and a mental effort. For any person it seems incredible because it does not support the everyday experience of ordinary people. And one day person decides that it is just all tricks, the usual variety of tricks! It is immediately reminded the well-known foreign and domestic magicians – Garry Houdini, David Copperfield, Igor Kio, Harutyun Hakobyan and many other talented magicians. Thinking so, the people will be right that magicians and illusionists and wizards can do everything: “cut” on parts of the person and in a moment to recover him, “separate” his head from his body, give her assistant on the stage, and then again return the head in place. Remember how David Copperfield and his assistant are floating in the air or on the front of all the spectators is disappeared huge forty tons of weight Pullman! It is impossible to even briefly enumerate all the things and stunts that feature wizards and magicians all over the world.

All this tricks are related to manual dexterity and suggestion or illusion, built with the help of technical equipment and modern electronics. But there are unusual, paranormal phenomena, which are inherent in man from the very moment of its appearance in the world and this is their mystique. Magicians, illusionists, sword-swallowers can really do anything you want, but the man with paranormal power can do only what the gifted from birth.

These phenomena are so mysterious and inexplicable that they are not recognized by modern classical science.


The movie Whispers trailer is not available.


The movie will tell us a story about a young school boy. He finds a strange artifact in his house and begins to experience paranormal activities. But something went wrong during these events. Who are going to blame in this situation: the boy or the damned artifact?


  • Miller as Cole
  • Mauro as Jake
  • Slan as Demon

Whispers 2017 movie release date is on 1st of July.

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