When does come out Wilson movie 2017


Some Hollywood actors are just born to play in comedies because only they create that unusual light atmosphere that is enjoyed by people of all ages. And nowadays people are already waiting for upcoming American comedy that includes lots of the best actors. So when does Wilson come out? Before answering that question let’s talk more about the actual production of this project. Maybe it is based on already existed book?

Director of the upcoming project Craig Johnson came up with the idea of organizing a new project when he saw a graphic novel of the same name. It was written and published in 2010 by American cartoonist and novel writer. The main character, whose name is Wilson, was created with the special inspiration based on the life situation of the author and the biography he had been reading previously. On the movie Wilson trailer, we clearly see the impact of the events that made an influence on the author and later on the director of the upcoming comedy.

Wilson movie 2017

The interesting facts that are known nowadays after the book was published and can be bought at the bookstores are:

  • The biography that inspired the author belongs to Charles Schulz. Clowes said that he had found lots of common things between Charles and his own father which surprised him.
  • Daniel Clowes also described the story about how all this idea was born. As a cartoonist, he had lots of sketchbooks and one day, whilst going to the hospital, he brought one. There the idea of new character Wilson was born with tons of unusual pictures and notes.
  • The photography of the film made by popular American novel started in the summer of 2015. The film has eleven different locations around Minnesota.

When it comes to Wilson 2017 movie release date the time of the premiere has already been announced. The first premiere was scheduled for the end of January 2017 on Film Festival in the USA. The world’s cinemas premiere is planned to be on 24th of March the same year and also in the United States. The release date in abroad are also available – German premiere is going to be in summer of 2017. The exact date that was already set is 17th of August.

New interpretation of graphic novel – what to expect?

The cast of the movie includes some very famous and well-known American actors, such as:

  • Woody Harrelson. American actor and activist that very often appears in comedy films as well as the action ones, who is almost unrecognizable with a beard in the upcoming American movie. He is best known for playing the main role in The Hunger Games film series, 2012 which is a disaster drama, comedy Friends with Benefits in collaboration with Justin Timberlake and Ukraine-born Hollywood actress Mila Kunis.
  • Laura Dern. American actress that has become very recognizable after taking a part in such projects as I am Sam, Star Wars (2017), Jurassic Park etc. she is also a politician and supports lots of international charities.
  • Isabella Amara. Young American actress who stars her career in Hollywood. She already played in Spider-Man and this film is her second leading role. She plays the daughter of the main characters.

Wilson movie

The main character called Wilson is the neurotic man who is in middle ages of his life. One of his main problems is constantly being honest with all the people what makes him hilarious and unusual. Such his behaving is not always welcomed by some persons especially the ones who meet him for the first time in their lives. At the same time, it is known that Wilson is divorced and insists on meeting his former wife. Together they find out that they both have a daughter who is already a teenager.

When is Wilson 2017 coming to theaters and cinemas all around the world the comedy lovers and fans of Woody Harrelson will be able to see his hilarious playing in order to investigate more about his daughter he has never met and known that she even existed. Even if both parents of a girl behave a little bit childish and not responsible they want so hard to connect with their own daughter who seems to be a different person at the very beginning. Even if Wilson behaves like an insane person and has a different opinion about the situation, he makes everything possible to get in touch with the girl and see what her life looks like and what are her friends behave like.

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