When does come out Avengers 3 Infinity War movie 2018


The excitement about upcoming movies in 2018 keeps surprising producers and directors as it might be the best chance to finally introduce the project they have been working for many years. More specifically, the Internet is just exploding as the fans of Marvel Cinematic Universe keep asking, when does Avengers 3 Infinity War come out?

The actual production of the upcoming in 2018 movie successfully started at the end of 2014. That year Marvel company made the announcement about potential making the sequel to Age of Ultron. Moreover, they are planning to create two parts to the mentioned film. In fact, the very first part we are discussing today is already scheduled to come out in all American theaters – the premiere is planned to be organized for the beginning of May in 2018.

Avengers 3 Infinity War movie 2018

Marvel Company gave us, even more, information – they have already set up the premiere date for the second part of the sequel which is basically planned to come out at the beginning of May in 2019. When it comes to movie Avengers 3 Infinity War trailer the fans can also easily find the first look version of the latest trailer which represents the short behind-the-scenes video. The producers, as well as other people who take the participation in creating and developing the project, tell about their new film, share their experience working on the set with particular actors and how this project basically becomes a global one.

The principal photography of the upcoming American superhero movie started at the end of January in 2017. Moreover, at that time the project had completely different name – Mary Lou. The process of filming took places in such spots as:

  • Edinburgh;
  • Durham (UK);
  • Downtown Atlanta;
  • Scottish Highlands and so on.

What do we know about the storyline of the movie?

Besides having confirmed information about Avengers 3 Infinity War movie release date in 2018 we also managed to find out about its plot. So the brand new 2018 movie follows the main events that are happening four years later after the ones shown in the movie called Guardians of the Galaxy. According to the events that the fans of Marvel Studio saw in the last movie, the Avengers still appear to be torn apart. First, a part of them makes the decision to join unexpected but very unusual forces (the Guardians) to be able to win the battle against their dangerous enemy known as Thanos.

Avengers 3 Infinity War movie

Later on, the rest of the Avengers make their final decision to help the rest of the group and also join the mentioned forces of the well-known heroes with super power. Meanwhile, the task of the violent Thanos is to somehow collect all the Infinity Stones to be able to recreate the gauntlet which basically can help him to fulfill his main will on the whole reality and population of the planet. His plan is to destroy the Universe which makes the situation even more dangerous for the brand new Forces.

Interesting facts

Surprisingly, but when it comes to the cast of the upcoming film the producers have successfully managed to unite all the talented and well-known actors that are representing their superheroes. Moreover, according to the information given by Marvel Company, there are 64 main characters in the upcoming American project.

When is Avengers 3 Infinity War coming to theaters in 2018, the fans will be able to see some very unusual collaboration. They will also see all the famous Marvel characters, tons of funny moments, as well as the action, romantic and drama ones. There are even some rumors about Liv Tyler getting the role in the new American project but all we can do know is to wait for the movie to finally come out.

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