When does come out Men in Black 4 movie 2019

It is a continuation of the fantastic trilogy “Men in Black” created by the film company Columbia Pictures and director Barry Sonnenfeld in 1997. In the topic below, you will find all necessary information about the movie, plot, cast and also the answer to the question: “When does Men in Black 4 come out?”

Sony announced the start of the 4th film back in the spring of 2013, after which nothing was heard about the project until fall 2016, the creators shared with their ideas for a new trilogy. This is not about the reboot. Currently, Sony representatives call the work on a new series of the movie – an update.

It should be reminded that the last movie about two agents, regulating the life of aliens on Earth, came out in 2012. This release showed that even after a decade of interruption, the viewers has an interest in men who wear black suits. The film grossed over $624 million with a budget of $225 million . The press sympathy, however, was awarded only to the first chapter, which grossed $589 million. The critical rating of the second, which grossed 441 million. It is the lowest among all three movies.

Men in Black 4 movie 2019

When is Men in Black 4 coming to theaters in 2019?

The film will come out in the beginning of 2019.

Production and interesting facts

In 2012, another story about the adventures of agents “J” and “K” appeared on the screen, the film, like its prequels, received more positive reviews from critics.

In total, the trilogy grossed more than $ 1 billion 600 million dollars, which makes the franchise based on the comics about “Men in Black” one of the most successful projects of “Columbia Pictures.”

Two years after the release of the final part, a cyber-attack was carried out against the servers of Sony, as a result of which on the network appeared information that the studio plans to unite the films “23 Jump Street” and “Man in Black 4” and make the overall project.

This information was perceived as a joke, but after some time, the “Variety” confirmed the information that the heroes still destined to meet on the set. At the same time appears the alleged director James Bobin. He is known for “the Muppets” and “Alice through the Looking Glass.”

At the end of 2015, producer L. MacDonald declared herself the curator of the project, and in one of her interviews with the BBC TV channel, she told that the girl agent, along with the already familiar heroes, will enjoy the storyline. However, the information about the above-mentioned crossover and the unification of projects, the business lady did say nothing.

Men in Black 4 movie


The movie Men in Black 4 trailer is now available. You can watch it right now.


It is known that the film will become a revival of the franchise and the beginning of a new trilogy about special agents and aliens. It is known that Will Smith will not take part in the shootings.

The main characters will be replaced by women agents who already appeared in the franchise earlier, one of them will be Agent “L”.

As for Agent K, played by Tommy Lee Jones, he will also not be in “Men in Black,” everyone knows about his retirement.

Many critics believe that such a turn could be a failure, for the upcoming premiere, since the big box office was collected primarily thanks to Smith and Jones.

Release date

In the USA, Men in Black 4 movie release date in 2019 is scheduled for first part of the year.  We look forward to its release.

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