When does come out Mary Poppins 2 – Mary Poppins Returns movie 2018


A kind and resourceful nanny in her time conquered the hearts of many movie lovers. English manners, speech, and methods of upbringing were inherited not by one generation and still help many mothers to find a common language with their children. The remarkable news for all fans of this film was that Mary Poppins in 2018 will return to the screen. I cannot believe that after all these years we will be able to follow the development of events in a typical English family and learn new and useful methods of upbringing.

For the first time, the world saw the story of the wise nurse Mary in 1964. Then the viewer was amazed by how harmoniously and quickly this lady joined the Banks family, and how she changed the foundations of the family.  If you want to know all known information about the second part of the adventures of Mary Poppins and also the answer to the question: “When does Mary Poppins 2 – Mary Poppins Returns come out?” then watch the article below.

Mary Poppins 2 - Mary Poppins Returns movie 2018

A team of real professionals is responsible for the entire process of creating the movie “Mary Poppins Returns”:

  • Rob Marshall (director).
  • John DeLuca (producer).
  • Pamela L. Travers, David Magee (screenwriters).
  • Dion Beebe (operator).

The company “Disney” in 2015 announced plans to shoot the sequel to the popular movie and immediately after the announcement began to realize its idea. It should be reminded that after the release of the original picture, it brought its creators more than $ 100 million. The authors of the continuation hope that their creation will collect more impressive sums and win the hearts of true connoisseurs of classical cinema.

When is Mary Poppins 2 – Mary Poppins Returns coming to theaters in 2018?

The movie will come out only in 2018.


The talented English writer Pamela Travers wrote a truly outstanding literary work. Thanks to an uncomplicated and at the same time fascinating plot, the screen version brought to the creators five Oscars and world recognition.

London. It is 1930. Great Depression. The plot of the announced film revolves around Michael and Jane Banks. Children grew up and got their own families, but still, cannot refuse support of their beloved nanny. Michael already has three children who like to have fun and “test” the nerves of parents. Life situations plunge Michael into constant trouble, anxiety and personal problems. Careful Englishwoman Mary Poppins will not stand idly and will try to help the former pupil. Children in no case should suffer because of the problems of adults.

Mary Poppins 2 - Mary Poppins Returns 2018


The movie Mary Poppins 2 – Mary Poppins Returns trailer is available. You can watch it on the YouTube.

Surprisingly, the nanny does not change her views of life – she always looks perfect, adheres to classical views in upbringing and, of course, travels with a black umbrella. This method helps Mary to appear at the most unexpected moment and just when others are in desperate need of her help.

From the new film, the viewer will be able to learn for himself a lot of useful rules, without which it is impossible to grow up to be a good, successful and developed person. In addition, the history of an English family will be interesting not only to children but also to adults, because we are improving and educating a person throughout life.


  • E. Blunt as Mary Poppins
  • L.-M. Miranda as Jack
  • D. V. Dyke as Mr. Dawes Jr

Release date

In the USA, Mary Poppins 2 movie release date in 2018 is scheduled for December 25.

The UK should wait for the movie until December 21, 2018.

Thank you for being with us!

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