When does come out The Secret life of Pets 2 movie 2019

It is a continuation of the animated cartoon “The Secret Life of Pets” created by the studio Universal Studios. The movie is directed by Y. Cheney and C. Reno. In the article below, you will find all known information on the movie including the answer to the question: “When does The Secret life of Pets 2 2019 come out?”


Illumination Entertainment and Universal Studios began developing the sequel to the animated cartoon “The Secret Life of Pets.” Their main goal is to release a cartoon in the summer of 2018. It should be reminded that in the first weekend, “The Secret Life of Pets” collected at the North American box office 103 million dollars. And if you count income worldwide, the cartoon has already brought the creators 145.8 million dollars and thereby set a new record among the original cartoon movies. At the moment, the project has grossed 400 million dollars all over the world.

The script for the first part was written by C. Paul, B. Lynch, and K. Daurio. Now, some film experts are confident that these same writers will work on the second part. Most likely, the new cartoon will have new story lines and characters.

The Secret life of Pets 2 movie 2019

When is The Secret life of Pets 2 coming to theaters in 2019?

The movie will come out in summer.

The directors of the first part of the cartoon became Chris Reno who already has two Oscar nominations for the picture “Despicable me” and “The Lorax,” and Yarrow Cheney. The movie is produced by Christopher Meledandri (“Ice Age,” “Minions”). Roles in the original version were voiced by K. Hart, Louis C. K., E. Stonestreet and L. Bell. “The secret life of pets,” tells about what pets do, while their owners are at work. If you thought that they were looking longingly out of the window or dozing on the rug at the door, you are very much mistaken! Pets live their secret life.


The movie The Secret life of Pets 2 trailer is now publicly available. You can check it out right now!


Our pets whom we are accustomed to consider as objects of our care and just cute little animals for entertainment, protection or decoration of the house, have their own, secret life completely hidden from the eyes of the owners. In fact, they are responsible for us, people. They have entire organizations, with their communication systems, internal problems, and external enemies.

The Secret life of Pets 2

Sometimes they unite to save someone’s life or help out of the misfortune of one of their friends. Terrier Max still lives in a cozy apartment in Manhattan, along with his owner Cathy. While the owner is at work, Max meets and has fun with her friends who also live in this apartment building. The Duke’s rescue in the last part of the film ended successfully, and now Max has a permanent, great and reliable friend.

But the Duke is still little familiar with the community of domestic animals. Friends are waiting for new incredible adventures in the continuation of the famous cartoon.


The main characters of the cartoon are Max, adoring his owner Katie, and his new brother — the huge dog Duke. Max will be voiced by Luis С.K., he voiced one of the characters of the cartoon series “Gravity Falls,” Duke will be voiced by Eric Stonestreet, he played one of the main roles in the horror “American horror story.”

Release date

In the United States, The Secret life of Pets 2 movie release date in 2019 is scheduled for July 3.

We look forward to its release.

Thank you for being with us!

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