List of best Hollywood Black and White movies in 2017

We’re living in the technological age where 4K resolution and HDR TV-sets are the new normal. At the same time, for some reason, a lot of people still love those good old B/W movies from the early days of cinematography. As for our list of TOP 10 latest Hollywood Black and White movies 2017, it will help you navigate through the latest black and white masterpieces that are worth your while. Note: today we’re not going to talk about the iconic films from the past – only the fresh new releases.

Blue Jay

Jim, originally from California, returns to his hometown with only one goal: to fix and to sell his mom’s house. But, while in a supermarket, he comes across Amanda, his high-school sweetheart. The situation is a bit awkward, and he mumbles something like “I don’t want to bother you”. However, he meets her again, this time in the parking lot, and they decide it would be a good idea to drink a cup of coffee at this amazing place – Blue Jay. They start talking about their lives after the separation, and slowly, but steadily, all the buried emotions come to the surface. Next, they kiss and almost spend the night together…

Blue Jay

The Woman Who Left

Horacia is finally set free in 97 after being imprisoned for something she didn’t do. She manages to reunite with her baby girl but learns that her husband has passed away and her son is nowhere to be found. Then, she realizes that Rodrigo, a wealthy man, and her ex-lover, was the one who locked her up. Therefore, she works out a plan for revenge. He took everything from her, even though she didn’t do anything bad to him. Horacia feels like something’s broken inside of her and hopes that hurting him will bring everything back to normal. Of the TOP 10 new holly Black and White movies, this is probably the darkest one.


This is the story of a beautiful young woman who slowly, but steadily goes nuts after taking the job of a caretaker in a huge apartment in NY. The woman that used to work there before her threw herself out of the window and Darling is kinda afraid she’ll suffer the same fate. When she finds a locked door at the end of the scary hallway, everything changes. Darling is one of those psychological thriller/horror stories that will only be appreciated by the fans of the genre. If you’re just looking for a “chill” and fun movie to enjoy after a hard day at work, Darling will probably be the worst pick for you!

The Better Angels

Abraham Lincoln, one of the greatest founding fathers of the United States, was a brilliant man when he grew up, but this movie offers an insight into the man’s childhood. He went through tragedy and despair as a kid, and that’s exactly what turned him into a fearless leader for an entire nation. He had a difficult relationship with both his birth mother and his stepmom, and The Better Angels will help you better understand the events that made Lincoln into the man he was. Make sure to put this masterpiece on your list of Hollywood Black and White movies 2017 and don’t forget to invite your friends for the session!

Computer Chess

If you love those heart-warming and engaging comedies slash dramas directed by gifted and independent folks, check this one out. It’s 1980, and several teams of the biggest nerds gather around in a hotel in Cali to determine once and for all whose computer program will beat all the other ones and be victorious. An HPM (human potential movement) clashes with the geeks, generating some hilarious moments. Get ready to see big, bulky and extremely primitive computers, awful hair, ridiculous shirts and everything else from the turbulent 80s.

Escape from Tomorrow

While on a nice vacation with his family at WDW (Walt Disney World), Jim gets a call from his boss telling him that he’s fired. Obviously, the news devastates the man, but he decided to keep it all to himself and to let his family enjoy every second of the trip. The next day, the whole family takes the monorail to the park. A couple of teenage girl from France join them. And that’s when the mysterious and highly disturbing visions begin to occur, making Jim do all kinds of crazy things. Include this film into the TOP 10 best Hollywood Black and White movies of 2017 to watch list if you’re a fan of dark fantasy horrors.


A man named Woody is walking around in the busy traffic. He believes he won a handsome sweepstakes prize – $1 million – and he’s headed to Nebraska to claim it. However, his son, David, takes a look at it and immediately realizes that it’s just a part of a big scam that makes folks buy magazine subscriptions. He takes his dad home, but the man tries to get to Nebraska for the second time, and after that, David and his bruv decide to put Woody in a nice retirement house where he can relax and take some time to himself. They’re worried he might hurt himself and/or get into all kinds of trouble.

Much Ado About Nothing

Yes, you’ve guessed it – this is a romantic comedy film heavily based on Shakespeare’s classic play. The story is almost an exact match to the original, with the only exception that the events take place in the modern-day world. Furthermore, the creators of this movie tried to shed some light on Beatrice’s relationship with Benedick. Of the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Black and White films 2017, this is by the far the most stylish and fancy one. It’s not a fast-paced blockbuster or anything like that, but, if you love smart, witty and challenging comedies, this movie is right up your alley.

The Artist

Like B/W wasn’t enough, this movie is also completely silent! It’s a brilliant romantic comedy slash drama about the time in history when silent movies were becoming less and less popular. The story is centered on the turbulent relationship between an older celebrity and a striving young actress who wants to make it in Hollywood. Her name is Peppy, and she’s ready to do whatever it takes to become famous. She bumps into the man while he’s posing for pictures and gets into the shot. When she wakes up the next day, she finds herself on the cover of a prestigious magazine – Variety. That gives her career the necessary “boost”.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

If you’re a big fan of noir and/or neo-noir, make sure to include this blockbuster into the list of best Hollywood Black and White movies in 2017. Action, drama, and style come together to create an unforgettable journey into the world of crime. Johnny is a haughty and cocky young man, a genius when it comes to gambling. He cleans the local senator out by taking all of his money, and that leads to dire consequences. A cop tells him to escape the city, but he spends the night with his new girl. Soon, the senator’s men ambush him…

Ok, that’s it for the black and white movies! As you can see, there’s still a lot of “fish in the sea” – rejoice, fans of good old B/W movies!

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