List of TOP 10 english Black and White movies 2017

The cinematographic art that arose at the turn of the late 19th and early 20th centuries opened a new and wonderful world to the man. Not having seen anything like this before, people admired the pictures changing one by one on the screen, and even the one and a half minute action (namely, the length of the first films) managed to bring the audience into indescribable delight.

We are glad to present you TOP 10 best english Black and White movies 2017 to watch.

The first films produced were black and white. Coming to the cinematography of the color film occurred in 1922, but then released in the red-green range, without the absence of blue, did not make a proper impression on the viewer. In 1934, the picture “La Cucaracha” came out, which can be called the first “fully-colored” film. Officially, the year of the appearance of color cinema is considered to be 1935. It was then that the first full-length color film was released – “Becky Sharp”, shot by the American director of Armenian origin Ruben Mamulyan.


Progress does not stand still. Now black and white cinema is almost impossible to meet among the currently produced films. In addition, the current youth perceive it as a relic of the past and, seeing on the screen the next old film does not hesitate to reach the console to switch the channel. Perhaps, it was for this new generation that the filmmakers began to restore the good old pictures, translating them into color.

Today, we want to show you Black and White movies that will come in 2017.

There are not many black and white movies that will be released in 2017, so we are going to observe movies of 2016  and 2017 together.

So let’s watch TOP 10 english Black and White films 2017.

  1. Darling

The hostess of the chic house hired a young girl as a housekeeper. The girl thinks that this will be simple earnings. But the girl could not even imagine what awaits her ahead. Soon she notices someone’s presence in the house. And this is definitely not a person. Her life turns into a real nightmare, and she gradually begins to go crazy. Will she survive the real hell?

  1. Death by Death

Michel decided to quit smoking, although it does not save him from dying. He knows it. And his mother is to blame for this. After giving him life, she gave death. As soon as he put up a family house for sale and sent his mother to a nursing home, he began to lose his hair, and a strange lump appeared in his chest. It reminded him of his mother’s cancer. Now Michelle is sure – he is finished. And it is then that Aurelia decides to leave him and take away half of the furniture. She could not stand him anymore. And, frankly, almost wanted him dead.

  1. Frantz

The story of a girl who lost her beloved one at war is in the TOP 10 new english Black and White movies 2017.

This dramatic film was nominated for a prestigious award at the Venice Film Festival and at the same time awarded positive reviews of critics. The plot of the film carries us in the postwar years. Germany has just lost in the First World War. The movie will tell us about the inconsolable girl Anna, suffering because of the death of her lover. Frantz died on the French front in the fight against the enemy. The man’s unsuccessful wife still cannot recover from the loss – every day she comes to the grave to once again plunge into the soul-tearing memories and leave flowers in the place where her beloved now rests. Once Anna meets a Frenchman named Adrian, who is upset by the death of the heroine’s fiance.

  1. Mad Max: Black & Chrome

Max, who has passed many trials, seeking the peace of mind, becomes a lonely wanderer. However, war again captures him. In the desert, he meets Furiosa with her rebel force against the Immortan Joe. Escaping from the tyrant, Max’s new companions took something from him, and he threw everything he had to catch them.

Film Mad Max is presented in a black and white version. This fantastic action movie, filled with special effects – one of the brightest cinematographic phenomena.

  1. Dawn

It is 1960. In the center of the plot is the story of a young pioneer who lives on a farm called “Dawn” in the Soviet Union occupied Latvia. The protagonist believes that soon there will be a real utopia promised by communism. He betrays his father. His actions ultimately lead to tragic consequences.

  1. The Woman Who Left

The hard life of Horacia is in the TOP 10 popular english Black and White movies in 2017, list of which includes best black and white movies of 2017.

The film tells us about the beautiful girl Horacia. All her life, she experienced severe blows. At first her parents died, whom she loved very much. Then the husband the traitor provoked divorce, but she loved him so much.

Then she became an elite call girl slept with men for a lot of money. They paid a lot of money for the night with her, because she was indescribably beautiful and chic. Her whole life after the divorce became very vicious.

  1. A Lullaby to the Sorrowful Mystery

It is 1896. In the Philippines, there are events that will later go down in history as the Philippine battles. There is a struggle for Spain, for its freedom.

  1. The Chronicles of Melanie

Banished to Siberia are on the list of TOP 10 english Black and White movies 2017.

Melanie was an ordinary Latvian girl who built far-reaching plans for the future and tried to realize all her dreams. She grew up in a large and loving family, where she received an excellent education. The girl was very special and very knowledgeable because she loved to spend time with books. She easily graduated from school and university, and in the future, she expected to work for the good of the country and her people, but her plans were destroyed at the moment when the soldiers came to the house. The woman could not think what would happen to her, but she was simply taken aback. She and her husband were ordered to dress. At that time, she did not quite understand what was happening but did not contradict people with arms. A talented woman understood everything at the moment she was taking the train. It turned out that Latvians were being sent to Siberia.

  1. Blue Jay

It is a good story about a new meeting of people who once loved each other for a long time. After such films, you just want to shut up in complete silence.

Amanda and Jim connect the first youthful feeling, once they were the most beautiful couple. After graduation, the heroes departed to different places and did not meet for a long time. But time has come.

  1. Logan

It is the black and white film about the last adventures of the wolverine.

TOP 10 latest english Black and White movies 2017 release dates, you can know on the Internet.

TOP is coming to an end.

Thank you for watching!

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