List of TOP 10 good Black and White movies 2017

In our list of TOP 10 good Black and White movies 2017, we have collected pictures that will be able to stir even the most spoiled by colors spectators.

How many years have passed since the advent of color in the cinematography, but the black and white movies make its way onto the screens. The mean palette allows artists to talk to the viewer in some special language, turn to very different senses, rather than the usual movie, colored with all the colors of the rainbow. Black and white pictures are far from accepted, although critics note them -“Nebraska” by Alexander Paine received six Oscar nominations this year.

Death by Death

Let’s watch TOP 10 good Black and White films 2017

Before the start, we want to note that there are not many movies that will be released this year, so we have collected in our TOP movies that were out last year.

  1. Blue Jay

Jim and Amanda were the first love for each other at school. After parting, each went his own way, left the house and went to seek his happiness, and fate. But twenty years later, Jim returns to his native provincial town to tidy up the parental home before the forthcoming sale, and Amanda also came to the city to visit her pregnant sister.

  1. The Chronicles of Melanie

Early morning of the fourteenth of June, 1941. On the orders of Joseph Stalin, more than forty thousand people from Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia are arrested, crammed into freight cars and sent to live in Siberia. Among them is the main character of the film – a journalist named Melanie with her son Andreas, forcibly separated from her husband and father, whose name is Alexander. In a remote Siberian village, women who have no idea how the fates of their spouses have developed, are forced to live in monstrous barracks and work day and night, like real slaves.

The only thing for which our unfortunate heroine continues to live is her son and the hope to see one of her beloved men to whom she writes letters every day. The woman holds with all her might, with pride meets all difficulties, hardships, and privations. She carries heavy illnesses and the darkest days. Sixteen hard years of intolerable existence pass. The world is changing, times are too. Melanie finally served her sentence and was released from the hated camp. She immediately returns to her native Riga to reunite with her beloved.

  1. A Lullaby to the Sorrowful Mystery

The hard life of Filipinos is in our TOP 10 really good Black and White movies.

It is an epic historical picture about the oppression of Spain over the Philippines and the consequences of a bloody revolution that did not make Filipinos freer but only added new harsh colors to difficult everyday life.

The picture won the Alfred Bauer prize for the film, which opens up new prospects at the Berlin Film Festival in 2016.

  1. The Woman Who Left

A former primary school teacher, Horacia, was sentenced to 30 years in a female correctional colony. In conclusion, she leads a humble way of life, helping other women learn the skills of reading and writing. When the true culprit of the crime is discovered, Horacia goes free and goes in search of her family. Revealing the world anew, she only makes sure of its corruptness: corruption and banditry are overwhelming the Philippines. The noble soul of the heroine is enraged and filled with a sense of revenge.

  1. Ausma

It is an attempt to rethink the Soviet propaganda myth about the pioneer hero Pavel Morozov, who ratted on his father and was rejected by his own family for this. The picture is focused on the subconscious suffering of people living in a world of fictional characters.

  1. Darling

It is the golden mean of the TOP 10 good english Black and White movies 2017.

The young woman was aware that it was extremely difficult to find a good job, so she was looking for any option, and as soon as she became aware that a caretaker was needed in one of the houses, she immediately went for an interview. It did not occur to her to learn as much as possible about this rich house and its owners, she just needed money.

  1. Death by Death

The movie will tell us about the relationships between a man and his mother.

  1. Frantz

Germany, 1919. In a small town life goes on as usual, and young Anna cannot reconcile with the death of her beloved Frantz, who died tragically on the battlefield of the First World War. Young people were very fond of each other and even were about to get married soon, but the guy went to fight in France, where after a while he died. Anna gets a lot of support from her lover’s parents, who, like her, can hardly cope with the loss of a loved one. Everyone is very short of Franz because he was a kind, sympathetic and very bright young man who always the optimist.

Anna periodically visits her lover at the cemetery and remembers the time when they were together and thought about a bright future. One day she notices a strange guy near the grave of Frantz, who came to say goodbye to him. Soon it turns out that the mysterious young man is the Frenchman Adrian, who in the past was well acquainted with Frantz. Adrian turns out to be a very kind and intelligent guy who was not afraid to come to a German town, where everyone considers him an enemy. His appearance helps Anna survive the loss of her beloved and improve her life. Gradually, between her and Adrian there are real bright feelings.

It should be noted that TOP 10 new good Black and White movies 2017 release dates, you can see on the Internet.

  1. Mad Max: Black & Chrome

Director G. Miller, the founder of the post-apocalyptic genre and the creator of the series of films about Mad Max, presents new film, bringing us back to the world of the wandering warrior Max. Mad Max haunts his turbulent past, and he decides that he can survive better alone. However, he still joins the military group under the command of Empress Furiosa. Together they try to escape from the Citadel, which is terrorized by the Immortal Joe, who has been robbed of something very valuable. In a rage, the commander gathers all his troops and begins a brutal road war with the rebels.

  1. Logan

The Wolverine tries to help little girl Laura who is chased by Nathaniel Essex. The movie is included in the TOP ten good Black and White movies 2017 in theaters, so you just need to wait for it.

So our compilation is coming to an end.

Thank you for watching!

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