List of TOP 10 recently released Children movies of 2017

Created mainly for the children and youth audience, the work of cinematographic art (series, animated and feature films) in the process of creating pay special attention to the characteristics of children’s thinking and perception, and the main actors are children. Such genre called children’s films or films for Children. Despite the fact that compilation of new Children movies releases in 2017 may not be interesting for adults, watching novelties of the genre is recommended together with children in order to explain to them incomprehensible moments or motivation of character’s actions.

Both good films for preschool children and films for older children often contain, in addition to entertainment, an educational component. But unlike films for preschoolers, the best children’s films of the year 2017, which are intended for children, are likely to be of interest to an adult audience.

Let’s begin to observe the list of TOP 10 recently released Children movies of 2017.

A Stork's Journey

  1. My Life as a Zucchini

The plot of the animated film revolves around a nine-year-old boy, whose childhood cannot be called happy. After the death of the alcoholic mother, he is on his own. He has no father. The image of his father, the boy draws on the surface of a kite, portraying him as a superhero, but he never saw his dad.

On duty, the police officer Raymond takes the kid to a shelter for orphans and soon becomes his close friend, because the sad story of a young boy’s life touched his soul. In the children’s home, he is introduced to other children not by his own name, but by a nickname – Zucchini. So begins a new life of the Zucchini in a completely unfamiliar place with the same children. It would seem that the general situation should help children to get closer and unite, but not all are friendly with the newcomer.

  1. Sing

A cheerful and bright cartoon takes the viewer into the world of animals, which have their own problems and joys, just like people do. Koala Buster Moon is experiencing some financial difficulties that threaten him with the closure of the theater. Buster Moon is struggling to do everything possible to prevent closure. An excellent idea is the holding of a musical talent contest, where everyone is invited, who can play musical instruments and sing.

Many animals like to sing and dream of glory. Among the contestants is the gorilla Johnny. He loves music and absolutely does not want to become a gangster, like all his relatives. Johnny dreams of fame, like the timid elephant Mina, who is afraid of performances on stage, as well as the rocker-porcupine Ash.

  1. The Red Turtle

The only movie without dialogues is in the compilation of latest Children’s movies in english 2017.

It is animation film without dialogue, narrating about the life of the man who finds himself on an uninhabited tropical island.

  1. The Boss Baby

Incredibly businesslike, almost never parting with his suitcase, a baby in a strict suit joins his seven-year-old brother to prevent the “insidious” plans of the executive director of the children’s toy company…

  1. Spark: A Space Tail

Once upon the planet of Bana was peaceful. It lasted until the evil tyrant Zhong captured this beautiful kingdom. He destroyed the royal family, and the entire population of Bana enslaved. The young Spark monkey does not like this state of affairs. He dreams that everything on his home planet will be fine again. The monkey finds new friends of Chunk and Vix. While Spark became more courageous and better, he finds out that he is the son of the destroyed king and queen.

  1. Moana

The middle of the list of TOP 10 Children movies recently released in 2017.

Maui is the hero for the miniature dark-skinned Moana. The dreamy Islander is a daughter of the warrior leader of the tribe. In the bowels of the immature girlish consciousness, a terrific dream is born – to go on a long journey to a magical island. A tiny woman wants to find a magic piece of land and meet her relatives.

  1. Monster Trucks

A creature that loves speed is in TOP 10 modern Children movies of 2017.

The plot of the movie revolves around high school student Tripp, who was born and grew up in the American outback. Most of all, the guy is dreaming of leaving a small and boring town in order to arrange his life better. After classes at Tripp’s school, he devotes all his spare time to assembling monster-tracks from parts of old, useless cars, because he loves this kind of entertainment. Being a skilled mechanic, the guy manages to construct excellent off-road cars, but a bunch of problems in life does not give the chance to change a life for the better.

But one day, by chance, Tripp’s life changes very much. From the depths of the earth, a unique creature is tearing to the surface, whose energy easily replaces the engine that is so necessary for completing the monster truck. A strange monster both scares and helps Tripp. Now Tripp has to do a serious job to help his new friend return home.

  1. Monster Calls

The monster that tries to help a little child is in the compilation of newly released Children movies 2017.

The fantastic drama tells a story about the unfortunate boy, who feels himself defeated and guilty but wants to change his life.

  1. A Stork’s Journey

As a child adopted by storks and always considered himself one of them, the young sparrow Richie finds out that’s not true. His family, believing that the forthcoming long flight to Africa is beyond his power, is forced to open the truth to him and leave him alone. Wishing to prove to others and, first of all, to himself, that he is a real stork, our hero decides to go on this uneasy but fascinating journey.

  1. Deep

The three best friends (the last in the world deep-water octopus, angler fish, and deep-sea shrimp), having lost their home, go to the incredible discoveries, exciting adventures and dangers of a long journey in search of a new home.

We trust that you have enjoyed our TOP 10 Children’s latest movies 2017. It is coming to an end.

Thank you for being with us!

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