List of TOP 10 good Children’s movies 2017

Childhood is a golden time for fun, leaving thousands of pleasant memories. What a pity that while you are in a wonderful country called childhood you do not notice when it ends. And maybe it does not end there? Children grow up and to appear big and serious wear masks of adults? Maybe that’s why 87% of adult viewers like to watch teenage movies? According to psychologists, the main reasons lay in the fact that cinema for children before school age allows for a while to forget about everyday worries and problems, and also gives the opportunity to stay with their child.

Welcome new TOP ten good Children’s movies 2017 in theaters.

Children’s movie is a great opportunity to introduce your children to the best films. These are good films that teach to be sympathetic, hardworking, loyal to their friends. You enjoy yourself watching children’s movies with your baby.

Let’s watch TOP 10 good Children’s films 2017.

A Dogs Purpose

  1. Monster Calls

Connor did not consider himself a little boy, he realized that he became an adult after he learned that his mother was terminally ill. The hero knew perfectly well that he could not help her, he often thought about what would happen to him when she leave him, and when he went to bed, he could not sleep for a long time, because he was afraid that he would again have the same nightmare, which tortured him for a long time.

In a dream, Connor often saw his mother, she was ready to break into the abyss, and he was the last to hold her with one hand. This dream always ended in the same way, the hero did not save his mother, she fell, and Connor woke up in a cold sweat. He had not seen his father for a long time, this boy had heard that his father had gone somewhere to make money, he knew nothing more about his parent.

One night the hero once again began to paint, suddenly the objects in the room began to live their lives. And when Connor looked out the window, he saw that the tree growing next to the house turned into a monster that grabbed the hero and said, that it will tell him three stories, and then the boy will have to tell it about his worst nightmare. Connor tried to convince himself that the monster was not real, but the next night this terrible creature again appeared to the boy.

  1. Jumanji

Who would have guessed that the most common board game found in a dilapidated old chest could be dangerous for the life and mental state of not only those who decided to leave the magic cubes but also to the world around them? Each turn made by the player can lead to irreparable consequences. And to change anything will not be easy at all because there is no possibility of quitting the game. The game has to be brought to completion, otherwise, the forces that have burst out can destroy our world and bring chaos to everything that we are used to.


  1. Sing

Singing animals are in the list of TOP 10 good Children’s movies 2017.

Every animal dreams of becoming a star. Elephant, ram, bull, and even pig, almost all are striving for fame. Who knows who will get luck and whose portrait will decorate tomorrow the covers of glossy magazines.

  1. Cars 3

Colorful cartoon Cars 3 continues to talk about the incredible adventures of the car Lightning McQueen. He repeatedly took part in different competitions and received prizes in them. During the tests, his life taught him to share his victory with friends, whom he has plenty of. His girlfriend is Sally, the 2002 Blue Porsche. His faithful assistant is the passenger car, Doc Hudson. But one of his best friends was the truck tow Mater, who accompanied an old friend around the world.

  1. Despicable Me 3

Gru decided to become a good father, although he had never been interested in the lives of his daughters before. Now he is a loving and caring parent, and his former lazy and slow-witted wife Lucy became the real mistress of the house. But here Gru’s brother appears…

  1. Boss Baby

It is the middle of the TOP 10 good english Child movies 2017.

The fascinating cartoon tells about the life of the baby Tim, who eventually had a brother. Tim very much on this occasion began to be jealous of his parents because they spend a little time with him. That’s why he declared war on his younger brother. However, the words could not develop into the phase of actions precisely because Tim found out information about the kid that was kept in great secret.

  1. Dog’s Purpose

The film tells about a little boy Eaton and a donated dog. He wanted to call him Bailey. From the very childhood, they loved spending time together. But the years passed, and they grew together. Bailey helped Eton to get acquainted with the girl in different other situations. He liked to be with a man, play with him and walk. But one day the dog grew old and died. His soul was reborn in another dog, near which there was also a man.

  1. The Croods 2

A prehistoric world is in the TOP 10 really good Child movies.

The fascinating cartoon tells of the life of cavemen who are trying to survive in the difficult conditions of the prehistoric world. The head of the Croods family is Grug, who sets his own rules for his family. When the day becomes night, no one has the right to leave the cave, since this is very dangerous for life. However, the daughter of Grug once saw a shining light through the crevice, which moved somewhere.

The Croods 2

  1. La tortue rouge

Cartoon tells how a man gets to one uninhabited island. He is trying hard to return home. That’s why he builds a raft, on which he tries to swim away. All his attempts become in vain, as the red tortoise crosses the path and brakes the raft. Later, he realizes that there is no way home. That’s why he builds housing for himself and arranges his life.

  1. Coco

The protagonist of the cartoon was able to do what many adults could not. A little boy of twelve years old from Mexico accidentally found out that in his family there is a terrible secret that nobody should know. On the eve of his favorite holiday, Coco wants to do everything but to understand the secret, which does not give anyone peace.

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