List of TOP 10 english Child movies 2017

Joint viewing of the best films is a great opportunity for parents to introduce their children to the eternal moral values and culture of world cinema, and also to give them faith in miracle and magic. Useful and interesting are such films for adults themselves – in addition to warm memories, they always have something to learn. Not without reason many mothers and dads enjoy watching children’s films with their children, receiving the opportunity, at least for a while, to move to the past and leave their thoughts about affairs, problems and everyday worries.

We are glad to show you TOP 10 best english Children movies 2017 to watch. Here you will find best movies for children of 2017.

Power Rangers

Popular children’s cinema includes a variety of genres – adventures, fairy tales, science fiction, comedy. Depending on the age of the children, you can choose pictures for the youngest viewers, as well as for younger schoolchildren and teenagers. Remarkable stories always arouse the interest of viewers, and a happy ending sums up the fascinating history.

Let’s begin to watch TOP 10 english Children films 2017.

  1. Spark: A Space Tail

It is animation space-action odyssey, full of fun and warm humor. Spark will tell the story of how a very young teenager takes on a huge responsibility to protect vast territories.

  1. The Boss Baby

Seven years in the family of Tim reigned peace and harmony until a second child appeared in the house. The younger brother is not like ordinary babies. He prefers a business style in clothing and communication and considers himself the most important in the family, for which he receives the nickname “Boss”. Tim not without reason suspects that something is wrong with his brother. And he’s absolutely right because Boss is a secret agent of an infant company.

The competing corporation “Puppy Co”, which produces pets, is going to flood the market with a new version of puppies, which will lead to a drop in demand for children. The task of the boss-baby is to disrupt the competitor’s plans. To do this, he will need the help of his older brother.

  1. The LEGO Batman Movie

Lego Bruce Wayne is back in business in the list of TOP 10 english Child movies 2017.

Billionaire Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman, lives in a chic mansion with his butler Alfred. At first glance, he is a simple rich man and the owner of a powerful corporation, but in fact, he spends his strength and money solely to fight crime in his hometown of Gotham. Each time, the Dark Knight manages to deal with his enemies and protect people from danger. But, nevertheless, the enemies do not cease to amaze him with their new insane antics. This time, Batman will again face the real madman Joker, who again managed to escape from the psychiatric hospital Arkham, and his equally crazy lover Harley Quinn.

  1. Despicable Me 3

The protagonist of the cartoon – former villain Gru – now lives a happy family life with his wife Lucy and three adopted daughters. Finally, for the Gru family, quiet times have come, and they all enjoy it.

Harmony and peace continue until Gru’s twin brother Dru appears on the horizon. Dru, like his brother, is a real villain, but only with a chic blond hair on his head.

  1. Cars 3

Lightning McQueen – the most famous in the world racing car, which has repeatedly won the title of champion. In addition to dangerous racing contests, a red car with lightning gets into various situations, but friends always came to his aid. McQueen followed his goal, knowing that at the finish line he was expected not only by crowds of fans but also the most faithful and devoted friends.

This time the situation will be even more dangerous. During one of the races, Lightning will burst the wheel, as a result of which the accident will be inevitable. Will a famous rider find himself again on the track or maybe discover something new for himself? So far, only one thing is known – new adventures and new acquaintances are inevitable. Meet the legendary racer – Lightning McQueen.

  1. Dog’s Purpose

The middle of the TOP 10 popular english Children movies in 2017, list of which includes the best children movies of 2017.

A dog is the most faithful being in the whole world. It is capable of loving its master, not depending on its status in the social environment. It will gladly meet you on the doorstep of the house. It will love you in spite of everything that is happening simply because you are his friend…

Our history is extraordinary. It leads its story on behalf of a dog named Bailey. For the first time, he was destined to be born a golden retriever and make friends with the cheerful little boy Ethan. Over time, Ethan grew up and even fell in love for the first time, but despite his new hobbies, he was always affectionate and affable with Bailey. It must have happened that the dog died. However, this was not due to an accident, but because of old age.

After this, Bailey begins her new journey. He is reborn and this time becomes a German shepherd. Now it serves the good of the local police, protecting the peace of peaceful citizens.

  1. Smurfs: The Lost Village

Blue funny little men in white caps will not leave indifferent any little viewer. This time, the small heroes of the cartoon are waiting for another funny adventure.

  1. Coco

Family’s secret that will be revealed is in the TOP 10 new english Children’s movies 2017.

12-year-old Miguel lives in a Mexican village and secretly dreams of becoming a musician. Secretly – because in his family clan music is considered a curse.

  1. The LEGO Ninjago Movie

The plot of the film revolves around six young ninjas, who have to defend their house on an island called “Ninjago”. At night they are talented warriors fighting with different monsters and perfectly mastering the skill of martial arts but in the morning they are ordinary teenagers.

  1. Power Rangers

It is a new fantastic, adventure film about 5 superheroes. Five teenagers, with indescribable events for them, acquire superpowers. Today they have to withstand the old evil, awakened after a long sleep.

TOP 10 latest english Children movies 2017 release dates, you can find o Internet.

Thank you for being with us!

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