TOP Upcoming Mythology movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 good Mythology movies

The word “mythology” means a set of stories, traditions, or beliefs associated with a particular group or the history of an event. Indeed, many believe that myths are ancient tales, interesting stories about gods and heroes created in the ancient era. With this understanding, mythology appears as a collection of ancient fairy-tale narratives that have nothing to do with reality. However, from the point of view of scientists, mythology is the expression of a special form of public consciousness, a way of comprehending the surrounding world, inherent in people in the early stages of development.

Today, we are going to present you TOP 10 Mythology movies that will come out in 2018.

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  1. The Endless

As children, brothers Aaron and Justin escaped from a cult. Now, as adults, they receive a message from their former “family” with threats. The brothers begin to suspect that something supernatural, in which the cult believes, exists in reality.

  1. Yazichniki

A devout grandmother from the remote countryside comes to the urban family and dramatic events start happening between family members connected with blind faith in miracles. Against this background, the love story of a teenage girl develops, which alone resists family madness.

  1. The Scythian

The Scythian warrior is in the TOP ten good Mythology movies in theaters.

Lutobor is facing a difficult test. He heas to save his family and his captive becomes a Scythian Kunitsa. They are enemies and pray to different gods but are forced to go together.

  1. The Shape of Water

In the depths of seawaters, a strange creature was found. It resembled a man externally, though, instead of limbs, he had huge fins. Naturally, now various experiments will be conducted on the captured. He breathes easily in the water. His phenomenal abilities will help overtake the USSR in various fields. It is necessary to take advantage of a happy opportunity. In the secret laboratory, the most intelligent scientists have already started their painstaking work.

  1. Purgatory by Dante

Purgatory is the concept of the Roman Catholic doctrine, which states that no man is free from sin. This is the place where, after death, the soul is cleansed (according to the Catholic script and catechism) before it can enter Paradise. The place is not necessarily to be material, it can also be the state in which the purification takes place.

Purgatory by Dante poster

  1. Mesopotamia

It is the middle of the TOP 10 good english Mythology movies.

The film was created based on a small fiction and creative work of the directors of the picture. The viewer will fully immerse himself in the thousand-year history of the revival and flourish of the great state, located between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. This empire was so huge that it occupied a huge space, located on the territory of modern Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Syria. Endless expanses which were unsuitable for existence. Only small sections of the territories near the mouths of the rivers gave little hope of survival in a severe desert environment.

  1. Planet X: Gold of the Gods

“Planet X: Gold of the Gods” is fantasy adventure that will tell about space travelers who master the vast expanses in search of new discoveries and unexplored planets. Once brave astronauts came across a certain planet X during the next flight. They immediately signaled to Earth so that a group of scientists could fly to this planet for the more detailed study of it.

However, the main characters of the film did not yet know that this mysterious planet was searched for by space pirates. They only engaged in moving around the galaxy and robbing everyone who came across their path.

Planet X

  1. Asura

Asura is in the TOP 10 really good Mythology movies.

A fantasy film of Chinese production about the city, which was attacked by the evil forces.

All her life a young warrior was preparing to meet with her arch enemy, the demon of evil. The warrior trained with the best martial arts master. She became the strongest in the city. The whole people, including the ruler of Asura, knowing that such a warrior is in the city, do not worry about anything.

However, the demon of evil gathered a huge army, putting at the head of it cruel ghost. His goal is to capture Asura because under this city is the entrance to the realm of the dead, once walled up by warrior’s father. Moving to the city, the demon let all its inhabitants know that there would be no mercy. Each resident of the Asura will be turned into a slave or die a terrible death and the souls of the dead will still be enslaved to the evil forces.

Brave warrior realizing that she cannot cope with the army of demons alone asks the ruler to give her an assistant.

  1. Legend of the Ancient Sword

The main hero of the movie who at the age of eight was the only survivor of the bandit attack on his native village. The main story unfolds nine years later when the young man became a skilled warrior and decided to go in search of ingredients to create an elixir that can resurrect his mother… And also he wants to find a special sword that will empower him with great strength.

  1. Viy 2

Jonathan Green recently arrived in Russia. The man has already survived many different incidents. After all that happened, the guy decided to stay here, surprisingly. The emperor entrusted him with an important mission. The main character of the film is to go to the Far East to map a given area. Fate will lead him to the mysterious land. For the first time, the cartographer will visit the distant and unknown China. The population here is famous for its unusual traditions. John will meet with shy Chinese princesses. He will have fun on various national holidays. An inexperienced fighter has to fight ninjas. Soon the traveler will get acquainted with the king of dragons. Eastern territories are known for their sorcerers, magicians. Mr. Green does not believe in supernatural powers.

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TOP Upcoming Mythology movies 2019-2020

List of best Mythology movies 2018

Mythologyis a fantastic reflection of reality in primitive consciousness. Myth – the narrative that emerges in the early stages of history, fantastic images of which (gods, legendary heroes, events, etc.) were an attempt to generalize and explain the various phenomena of nature and society.

Today, we have prepared for the audience TOP 10 best Mythology movies of 2018 to watch.

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List of best Mythology movies 2018

  1. Viy 2

Peter the Great needs to make maps of the Far East of Russia. This order is to be performed by the English traveler Jonathan Green. The traveler does not know that ancient black magic seized power in the Eastern lands.

  1. Legend of the Ancient Sword

Eight-year-old Yue Wuyi at his young age could not even think that one day his life would undergo drastic changes. The village, in which he lived, was under constant attack of enemies which intended to destroy all residents. The head of the village defended the village with all his strength. But one day the enemies attacked quite unexpectedly, and the residents were defeated, in which almost all were killed. The guy, not wanting to die, took shelter in one place. There he stayed for a while, but as soon as he began to feel sick, he left the shelter.

In the village he discovered the mother’s torn body, all his relatives were killed. The guy understands that he wants to avenge the death of all loved ones. But it is difficult to do this without special preparation.

Legend of the Ancient Sword

  1. Asura

The legend of Asura is in the TOP 10 best modern Mythology films 2018.

Many centuries ago, poverty, hunger and constant disagreements among tribes flourished on the Earth. An indolent woman, who did not have anything, was forced to leave her own child. She was almost dying and a child could be sheltered by someone. Apparently, the Lord himself saved the baby; he managed not only to survive but also to resist cannibals who searched for fresh meat. Over time, the boy became tempered, furious, and almost turned into a beast.

Once the main character, searching for food, wandered into a remote village. At that time the plague took many lives and there were no healthy people. The boy saw the human life there. He realized that these people are somehow close to him. He was interested in everything: what they eat, what they do during the day, and so on. Villagers negatively reacted to the stranger, only the sage was kind to him. The monk gives him the name Asura and allows him to stay in the village. The boy will have not only to learnthe human rules but also to live by them. It will be difficult for him, but he will cope because he is a human cub.


  1. Planet X: Gold of the Gods

Traveling in space is a stunning adventure that boys and girls have been dreaming of since childhood. However, only a few of them in the future become astronauts and can fly off into the universe, opening new worlds. During one of the expeditions, an unknown planet was discovered. It was called X, and soon a group of researchers from Earth will arrive there. But the situation became dangerous when it became clear that this world attracted the attention of pirates who feel unpunished themselves in space and are ready to commit a crime.

According to their information, in this small galactic corner, they can find deposits of precious metals and other treasures. They managed to intercept the signal sent to Earth, thus, they learned about the location of X. The people who stayed there are in serious danger. They are not prepared for a meeting with armed robbers and it is not known when help comes.

Planet X: Gold of the Gods

  1. Mesopotamia

Mesopotamia is a large state that was located in the territory of modern Iraq, Turkey, and Syria. It was there, thanks to the conquests of Alexander the Great, uncharted land, began to be settled by settlers. A large area was uninhabitable, only small parts of thefertile land were used by people. Time passed, people came here and built their huts near deep-water rivers and reservoirs. Soon, large cities were formed there, and Mesopotamia itself became a great state, an empire that lived a few hundred years before its end.


  1. Purgatory by Dante

It is the Golden Mean of the TOP 10 best recent Mythology movies.

The film tells about that part of the afterlife where souls who could sooner or later repent of the committed sins, in connection with which they have the opportunity to reach Paradise after they “will complete the service of sentence” in Purgatory. Dante comes here after he explored all nine circles of Hell and, reaching the center of the earth, found himself on the other hemisphere, where Mount of Purgatory is located.

Purgatory by Dante

  1. Age of Erin

The movie is about Cú Chulainn. He is the main hero of Irish mythology. He has no equalamong the mortals. Cu Chulainn is the son of the god Lugh and Deichtine.

3. Pumpernickel

Dr. Johann Faust was known as a doctor, a scientist, a sorcerer, a magician and a philosopher. There is a suggestion that he was one of the representatives of the medieval intelligentsia who received a university education, but did not have a permanent place of service and moved from town to town in search of temporary earnings.

Faust became famous as anexpertin occult sciences, a predictor of the future and compiler of horoscopes. But in the higher academic circles, he was perceived as a braggart and an ignoramus.

The legend that Faust sold the soul to the devil appeared during his lifetime. Faust himself did not refute these rumors.


  1. Myth of the Devil

The film will tell a story in which heroes ask themselves whether the so-called Lord of Hell really exists, and how his presence affects people.

Myth of the Devil poster

  1. Second Coming

It is the leader of the TOP 10 best new Mythology movies 2018.

It is the movie about the battle between good and evil: Son of God and Lucifer!

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TOP Upcoming Mythology movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 good Mythology movies 2017

Any incomprehensible phenomena or mystical events instantly acquire a heap of details and conjectures. So there are myths. The most interesting films about legends and myths are often based not only on well-known ancient stories. Often films are based on the plot, invented by the authors specifically for the movie.

Now, please welcome our new TOP ten good Greek Mythology movies 2017 in theaters.

Myths about the terrain, family legends about the house, which are passed down from generation to generation, antique heroes – such films unite only one: the atmosphere of secrecy, which is to be revealed.

Kong: Skull Island

Let’s watch TOP 10 good Greek Mythology films 2017.

Before the start, we want to tell that here you will find not only Greek mythology but also mythologies of other countries.

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Captain Salazar, along with his team, spent a long time in a prison near the Devil’s Triangle but still managed to get out of this terrible place. Now Salazar is full of vengeance. More than anything in the world, he wants to get even with the pirates. Especially with Jack Sparrow.

In a new adventure, Jack has to get the trident Poseidon to kill Salazar.

  1. Moana

The action takes place 2000 years ago, in the islands of the Pacific Ocean. The daughter of the leader, 14-year-old dreamer Moana, to find her family, goes on a journey across the ocean in search of a fairy island. She has to swim across the ocean, meeting along the way huge sea creatures.

  1. The Great Wall

The Great Wall of China was erected by more than one generation of inhabitants. A lot of effort and work was worth this building to the Chinese people. They built it for a definite purpose, to protect their native country from invaders from the north, Mongols, Huns and other non-friends.

The film presents a mystical reason for the construction of the Great Wall. Having witnessed the next phase of construction, the British military are much surprised by the speed and haste with which the wall is being built. But at nightfall, the British are faced with the true, terrible and fantastic reason for the rapid construction of a saving wall.

  1. The Shack

Meeting with God is in our TOP 10 really good Greek Mythology movies.

Mack Phillips felt like a happy family man. Like any man, he was aware of the responsibility for his family and friends, and therefore he always tried to protect them. If he knew how to end their journey to the lake, Mack would never have gone there. Then it seemed to him, an excellent idea to take the kids to the water.

However, suddenly Mack noticed that his youngest daughter was nowhere to be found. The father informed the police about the disappearance of his daughter. Together with a group of volunteers, the police began to look for a child. At some point, they came upon a small shack. The evidence found in the shack testified that the girl was the victim of a cruel maniac.

  1. The Mummy

Egyptian mythology, describing supernatural beings and powerful gods, left too many secrets in the shadows. For centuries, mankind has tried to find clues, but even relying on the current technological process, it is still impossible. The main characters of the film are researcher and soldier. They go to Egypt in the hope of finding a valuable mummy. At the head of the expedition, Nick Morton is not just a scientist, but a man who knows how to solve any problem, even in the most seemingly desperate situation. Members of the expedition manage to take possession of the desired cargo, after which it was loaded on board the aircraft, and all went home.

During the flight, something inexplicable happened on board the aircraft, after which a huge winged bird crashed to the ground. The crew died, the only survivor was a young researcher Jenny Halsey, who managed to jump off a parachute. Soon in the morgue comes around Nick Morton. Realizing that he did not die, the man is trying to figure out all that happened with him, as well as with his team. Nick is waiting for a meeting with Princess Amanet-daughter of the Egyptian pharaoh, who was imprisoned for many centuries in a special sarcophagus. Amanet longs to capture the entire planet since, during her father’s reign, everything was taken away from her. Her powers are extremely great, that’s why it will not be easy to kill a princess.

  1. Thor: Ragnarök

It is the fifth place of the TOP 10 good english Mythology movies 2017.

In the third part, Thor learns that his brother survived. Now, Loki usurps the throne and gradually leads Asgard to collapse. The event that will destroy all the Gods is called Ragnarok, and it is close. This is the last battle of Asgard against the most terrible evil. After Ragnarok, there will be no more Asgard.

Now the Thor has to fight against the terrible demon Surtur. It was this fiery demon that Odin, the father of Thor, had to fight. Then he managed to defeat him, but with great difficulty. Now Surtur returned stronger and dreaming of revenge. If Thor loses this battle, then Ragnarok cannot be stopped.

  1. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

By now, there has been no reliable evidence that King Arthur was indeed a real person, but this does not change the fact that he is a legendary historical figure. The picture tells about the young years of the future ruler. Few people know that being a very young guy, Arthur and his friends often engaged in illegal activities. Living near Londinium, the protagonist often got involved in underground fisticuffs and robberies. Despite this, Arthur never lost his moral appearance. For a long time, he did not know anything about his origins but the moment has come.

  1. The Little Mermaid

A touching story about a cute little mermaid is in the list of TOP 10 good Mythology movies 2017. She fell in love with a beautiful prince, and, to be with him, decided to leave the underwater kingdom, sacrificing the most valuable thing that she had.

  1. Ghouls

For misconduct, the 18-year-old godson of the Empress, exiled to the Spassky Monastery located in the Carpathian Mountains, finds there his love and for her enters a deadly confrontation with a supernatural evil settled in those places.


  1. Kong: Skull Island

In a new movie, the expedition will go to a mystical island in order to find King Kong.

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TOP Upcoming Mythology movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 english Mythology movies 2017

Our TOP 10 best english Mythology movies 2017 to watch will please you with films of 2017 that include mythological creatures and artifacts.

Before start, we want to tell you that our compilation will include not only English mythology but also others.

Let’s watch TOP 10 english Mythological films 2017.

The Great Wall

  1. The Shack

Mystical events occur in the fate of the protagonist experiencing the tragedy. He receives a personal invitation to meet with the Almighty himself in a very secluded place…

  1. The Great Wall

Two brave soldiers overcame the difficult and long way to get to the great wall that separates China from all possible threats from outside. William and Perot call themselves traders, and they have been through a lot to get a unique and very powerful weapon, which they now want to sell. On the great wall, the heroes are introduced to a huge army, which has been protecting the world from danger for many years. The wall separates people from nightmarish creatures who are constantly trying to break through it, and the Chinese soldiers do not allow them to do it.

This confrontation has been going on for a very long time, but the monsters are preparing for the final invasion, which will be almost impossible to stop. After learning about the threat that can destroy all of the humanity, William and Perot decide to remain on the wall and together with other brave ones fight against the countless army of bloodthirsty monsters. Being magnificent warriors, they can really help in the battle with creatures. But will the people have enough strength to resist such a strong and cruel enemy that leaves no human or stone unharmed? There is a decisive battle, at stake is the future of the whole world.

  1. The Mummy

The Great Mummy is in the TOP 10 new english Mythological movies 2017.

Centers on a young soldier of an elite US Navy detachment named Tyler Colt, who has repeatedly participated in the rather risky military operations entrusted to him by his superiors, and has always carried out all tasks very clearly and accurately. However, further developments have shown that even such an experienced military man can make a mistake. His next mission was to find in the Iraqi desert a terrorist-owned bunker and to inform the leadership of its exact location.

However, Colt did not even suspect that the tomb of the ancient princess would be in place of the bunker. The alarmed mummy came alive, and now it posed a serious threat not only to Tyler but to all humanity in general. The Colt never believed in such supernatural phenomena, but now, seeing everything with his own eyes, he simply could not deny it. He had to do everything possible to make the mummy return to its tomb and not harm people, but the actions were already irreversible.

  1. Moana

Once upon a time, there was a terrible spell on her tribe, sent by a witch who hated life. Then the elders, in an attempt to save the tribe, turned for help to Maui – their kind and wise deity capable of saving their people. The strength of God was enough to protect people and, since then, the tribe of Moana has lived peacefully and quietly. Their small community on an island in a quiet ocean does not try to travel – the surrounding people are sure that there is only an endless sea around, and there is no sense to perish in its abyss, trying to find a non-existent land. But the rebellious nature of Moana requires adventure.

Unexpectedly, the peaceful existence of the islanders is interrupted by disaster – an ancient witch’s spell, considered only part of the legend, has returned. But Maui for some reason stopped listening to the prayers and does not come to save the flame. Realizing that they cannot wait any longer, Moana fearlessly embarks on the path, deciding to personally seek out God and bring him to the rescue. She is waiting for an incredible sea voyage, fighting monsters, amazing places and meeting with the god himself. She will reveal the secret of this world, and, perhaps, will prove to her family that their islet is not the only land in the world.

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

In general, the film is the return of a good and high-quality story about pirates, adventures, and rum. Of course, there must be a lot of rum, but how else. Fans are already looking forward to the premiere, although critics are not so rosy. But still, everyone is interested in how the story of Jack Sparrow ends. Had he finally found his destiny? Or maybe this is just another misconception?

  1. Ghouls

It is the golden Mean of the list of TOP 10 english Mythology movies 2017.

In the center of events lies the story of the ancient evil lurking in the Carpathians. It all begins with the arrival in these gloomy, troubled mountains of Monk Laurus. In these quiet and mysterious places, there is evil. Something bad and very strong has lurked here since time immemorial. However, the monk has no choice – he was deported to the Carpathians…


  1. The Little Mermaid

The movie will tell us a story of a mermaid who falls in love with a guy from the city.

  1. Thor: Ragnarök

It is Mighty Thor in the TOP 10 popular english Mythology movies in 2017, list of which is presented by us to you for having a good time.

The Thor alone cannot cope with the upcoming event, however, not everyone can help him in the war of the gods … The only one who can fight in such a battle is Hulk – a permanent member of the Avengers team. Together they will try to prevent the death of Asgard, which brings the main enemy of Odin – the fiery demon Surtur, fulfilling the prophecy of Ragnarok.

  1. Kong: Skull Island

The film tells about all the adventures of expedition members who went to the part of the land, lost near Sumatra and forever hidden under thick fogs. The only thing that travelers know is that this is the place where the famous King Kong was born.

But researchers still do not know what is hidden in the dense island jungle. No one knows where the Skull Island originated, and many were convinced that King Kong was the only giant monster on this earth. It turned out that it was a deadly error of the expedition members: King Kong was not the only anomaly of the local fauna. This is home to huge and dangerous prehistoric creatures, a meeting with which can bring many troubles.

  1. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Arthur does not know anything about his past … and does not worry about the future – he lives here and now. His fate changes at the moment when he takes out the magic sword of Excalibur from the stone, which opens Arthur the whole truth about his origin.

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