List of TOP 10 good Mythology movies

The word “mythology” means a set of stories, traditions, or beliefs associated with a particular group or the history of an event. Indeed, many believe that myths are ancient tales, interesting stories about gods and heroes created in the ancient era. With this understanding, mythology appears as a collection of ancient fairy-tale narratives that have nothing to do with reality. However, from the point of view of scientists, mythology is the expression of a special form of public consciousness, a way of comprehending the surrounding world, inherent in people in the early stages of development.

Today, we are going to present you TOP 10 Mythology movies that will come out in 2018.

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  1. The Endless

As children, brothers Aaron and Justin escaped from a cult. Now, as adults, they receive a message from their former “family” with threats. The brothers begin to suspect that something supernatural, in which the cult believes, exists in reality.

  1. Yazichniki

A devout grandmother from the remote countryside comes to the urban family and dramatic events start happening between family members connected with blind faith in miracles. Against this background, the love story of a teenage girl develops, which alone resists family madness.

  1. The Scythian

The Scythian warrior is in the TOP ten good Mythology movies in theaters.

Lutobor is facing a difficult test. He heas to save his family and his captive becomes a Scythian Kunitsa. They are enemies and pray to different gods but are forced to go together.

  1. The Shape of Water

In the depths of seawaters, a strange creature was found. It resembled a man externally, though, instead of limbs, he had huge fins. Naturally, now various experiments will be conducted on the captured. He breathes easily in the water. His phenomenal abilities will help overtake the USSR in various fields. It is necessary to take advantage of a happy opportunity. In the secret laboratory, the most intelligent scientists have already started their painstaking work.

  1. Purgatory by Dante

Purgatory is the concept of the Roman Catholic doctrine, which states that no man is free from sin. This is the place where, after death, the soul is cleansed (according to the Catholic script and catechism) before it can enter Paradise. The place is not necessarily to be material, it can also be the state in which the purification takes place.

Purgatory by Dante poster

  1. Mesopotamia

It is the middle of the TOP 10 good english Mythology movies.

The film was created based on a small fiction and creative work of the directors of the picture. The viewer will fully immerse himself in the thousand-year history of the revival and flourish of the great state, located between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. This empire was so huge that it occupied a huge space, located on the territory of modern Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Syria. Endless expanses which were unsuitable for existence. Only small sections of the territories near the mouths of the rivers gave little hope of survival in a severe desert environment.

  1. Planet X: Gold of the Gods

“Planet X: Gold of the Gods” is fantasy adventure that will tell about space travelers who master the vast expanses in search of new discoveries and unexplored planets. Once brave astronauts came across a certain planet X during the next flight. They immediately signaled to Earth so that a group of scientists could fly to this planet for the more detailed study of it.

However, the main characters of the film did not yet know that this mysterious planet was searched for by space pirates. They only engaged in moving around the galaxy and robbing everyone who came across their path.

Planet X

  1. Asura

Asura is in the TOP 10 really good Mythology movies.

A fantasy film of Chinese production about the city, which was attacked by the evil forces.

All her life a young warrior was preparing to meet with her arch enemy, the demon of evil. The warrior trained with the best martial arts master. She became the strongest in the city. The whole people, including the ruler of Asura, knowing that such a warrior is in the city, do not worry about anything.

However, the demon of evil gathered a huge army, putting at the head of it cruel ghost. His goal is to capture Asura because under this city is the entrance to the realm of the dead, once walled up by warrior’s father. Moving to the city, the demon let all its inhabitants know that there would be no mercy. Each resident of the Asura will be turned into a slave or die a terrible death and the souls of the dead will still be enslaved to the evil forces.

Brave warrior realizing that she cannot cope with the army of demons alone asks the ruler to give her an assistant.

  1. Legend of the Ancient Sword

The main hero of the movie who at the age of eight was the only survivor of the bandit attack on his native village. The main story unfolds nine years later when the young man became a skilled warrior and decided to go in search of ingredients to create an elixir that can resurrect his mother… And also he wants to find a special sword that will empower him with great strength.

  1. Viy 2

Jonathan Green recently arrived in Russia. The man has already survived many different incidents. After all that happened, the guy decided to stay here, surprisingly. The emperor entrusted him with an important mission. The main character of the film is to go to the Far East to map a given area. Fate will lead him to the mysterious land. For the first time, the cartographer will visit the distant and unknown China. The population here is famous for its unusual traditions. John will meet with shy Chinese princesses. He will have fun on various national holidays. An inexperienced fighter has to fight ninjas. Soon the traveler will get acquainted with the king of dragons. Eastern territories are known for their sorcerers, magicians. Mr. Green does not believe in supernatural powers.

A list of TOP 10 good Mythology movies ends.

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