List of TOP 10 good Mythology movies 2017

Any incomprehensible phenomena or mystical events instantly acquire a heap of details and conjectures. So there are myths. The most interesting films about legends and myths are often based not only on well-known ancient stories. Often films are based on the plot, invented by the authors specifically for the movie.

Now, please welcome our new TOP ten good Greek Mythology movies 2017 in theaters.

Myths about the terrain, family legends about the house, which are passed down from generation to generation, antique heroes – such films unite only one: the atmosphere of secrecy, which is to be revealed.

Kong: Skull Island

Let’s watch TOP 10 good Greek Mythology films 2017.

Before the start, we want to tell that here you will find not only Greek mythology but also mythologies of other countries.

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Captain Salazar, along with his team, spent a long time in a prison near the Devil’s Triangle but still managed to get out of this terrible place. Now Salazar is full of vengeance. More than anything in the world, he wants to get even with the pirates. Especially with Jack Sparrow.

In a new adventure, Jack has to get the trident Poseidon to kill Salazar.

  1. Moana

The action takes place 2000 years ago, in the islands of the Pacific Ocean. The daughter of the leader, 14-year-old dreamer Moana, to find her family, goes on a journey across the ocean in search of a fairy island. She has to swim across the ocean, meeting along the way huge sea creatures.

  1. The Great Wall

The Great Wall of China was erected by more than one generation of inhabitants. A lot of effort and work was worth this building to the Chinese people. They built it for a definite purpose, to protect their native country from invaders from the north, Mongols, Huns and other non-friends.

The film presents a mystical reason for the construction of the Great Wall. Having witnessed the next phase of construction, the British military are much surprised by the speed and haste with which the wall is being built. But at nightfall, the British are faced with the true, terrible and fantastic reason for the rapid construction of a saving wall.

  1. The Shack

Meeting with God is in our TOP 10 really good Greek Mythology movies.

Mack Phillips felt like a happy family man. Like any man, he was aware of the responsibility for his family and friends, and therefore he always tried to protect them. If he knew how to end their journey to the lake, Mack would never have gone there. Then it seemed to him, an excellent idea to take the kids to the water.

However, suddenly Mack noticed that his youngest daughter was nowhere to be found. The father informed the police about the disappearance of his daughter. Together with a group of volunteers, the police began to look for a child. At some point, they came upon a small shack. The evidence found in the shack testified that the girl was the victim of a cruel maniac.

  1. The Mummy

Egyptian mythology, describing supernatural beings and powerful gods, left too many secrets in the shadows. For centuries, mankind has tried to find clues, but even relying on the current technological process, it is still impossible. The main characters of the film are researcher and soldier. They go to Egypt in the hope of finding a valuable mummy. At the head of the expedition, Nick Morton is not just a scientist, but a man who knows how to solve any problem, even in the most seemingly desperate situation. Members of the expedition manage to take possession of the desired cargo, after which it was loaded on board the aircraft, and all went home.

During the flight, something inexplicable happened on board the aircraft, after which a huge winged bird crashed to the ground. The crew died, the only survivor was a young researcher Jenny Halsey, who managed to jump off a parachute. Soon in the morgue comes around Nick Morton. Realizing that he did not die, the man is trying to figure out all that happened with him, as well as with his team. Nick is waiting for a meeting with Princess Amanet-daughter of the Egyptian pharaoh, who was imprisoned for many centuries in a special sarcophagus. Amanet longs to capture the entire planet since, during her father’s reign, everything was taken away from her. Her powers are extremely great, that’s why it will not be easy to kill a princess.

  1. Thor: Ragnarök

It is the fifth place of the TOP 10 good english Mythology movies 2017.

In the third part, Thor learns that his brother survived. Now, Loki usurps the throne and gradually leads Asgard to collapse. The event that will destroy all the Gods is called Ragnarok, and it is close. This is the last battle of Asgard against the most terrible evil. After Ragnarok, there will be no more Asgard.

Now the Thor has to fight against the terrible demon Surtur. It was this fiery demon that Odin, the father of Thor, had to fight. Then he managed to defeat him, but with great difficulty. Now Surtur returned stronger and dreaming of revenge. If Thor loses this battle, then Ragnarok cannot be stopped.

  1. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

By now, there has been no reliable evidence that King Arthur was indeed a real person, but this does not change the fact that he is a legendary historical figure. The picture tells about the young years of the future ruler. Few people know that being a very young guy, Arthur and his friends often engaged in illegal activities. Living near Londinium, the protagonist often got involved in underground fisticuffs and robberies. Despite this, Arthur never lost his moral appearance. For a long time, he did not know anything about his origins but the moment has come.

  1. The Little Mermaid

A touching story about a cute little mermaid is in the list of TOP 10 good Mythology movies 2017. She fell in love with a beautiful prince, and, to be with him, decided to leave the underwater kingdom, sacrificing the most valuable thing that she had.

  1. Ghouls

For misconduct, the 18-year-old godson of the Empress, exiled to the Spassky Monastery located in the Carpathian Mountains, finds there his love and for her enters a deadly confrontation with a supernatural evil settled in those places.


  1. Kong: Skull Island

In a new movie, the expedition will go to a mystical island in order to find King Kong.

TOP 10 new good Greek Mythology movies 2017 release dates, you can find on the Internet. Here you will now find them.

Thank you for watching!

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