List of best Mythology movies 2018

Mythologyis a fantastic reflection of reality in primitive consciousness. Myth – the narrative that emerges in the early stages of history, fantastic images of which (gods, legendary heroes, events, etc.) were an attempt to generalize and explain the various phenomena of nature and society.

Today, we have prepared for the audience TOP 10 best Mythology movies of 2018 to watch.

Here we go!

List of best Mythology movies 2018

  1. Viy 2

Peter the Great needs to make maps of the Far East of Russia. This order is to be performed by the English traveler Jonathan Green. The traveler does not know that ancient black magic seized power in the Eastern lands.

  1. Legend of the Ancient Sword

Eight-year-old Yue Wuyi at his young age could not even think that one day his life would undergo drastic changes. The village, in which he lived, was under constant attack of enemies which intended to destroy all residents. The head of the village defended the village with all his strength. But one day the enemies attacked quite unexpectedly, and the residents were defeated, in which almost all were killed. The guy, not wanting to die, took shelter in one place. There he stayed for a while, but as soon as he began to feel sick, he left the shelter.

In the village he discovered the mother’s torn body, all his relatives were killed. The guy understands that he wants to avenge the death of all loved ones. But it is difficult to do this without special preparation.

Legend of the Ancient Sword

  1. Asura

The legend of Asura is in the TOP 10 best modern Mythology films 2018.

Many centuries ago, poverty, hunger and constant disagreements among tribes flourished on the Earth. An indolent woman, who did not have anything, was forced to leave her own child. She was almost dying and a child could be sheltered by someone. Apparently, the Lord himself saved the baby; he managed not only to survive but also to resist cannibals who searched for fresh meat. Over time, the boy became tempered, furious, and almost turned into a beast.

Once the main character, searching for food, wandered into a remote village. At that time the plague took many lives and there were no healthy people. The boy saw the human life there. He realized that these people are somehow close to him. He was interested in everything: what they eat, what they do during the day, and so on. Villagers negatively reacted to the stranger, only the sage was kind to him. The monk gives him the name Asura and allows him to stay in the village. The boy will have not only to learnthe human rules but also to live by them. It will be difficult for him, but he will cope because he is a human cub.


  1. Planet X: Gold of the Gods

Traveling in space is a stunning adventure that boys and girls have been dreaming of since childhood. However, only a few of them in the future become astronauts and can fly off into the universe, opening new worlds. During one of the expeditions, an unknown planet was discovered. It was called X, and soon a group of researchers from Earth will arrive there. But the situation became dangerous when it became clear that this world attracted the attention of pirates who feel unpunished themselves in space and are ready to commit a crime.

According to their information, in this small galactic corner, they can find deposits of precious metals and other treasures. They managed to intercept the signal sent to Earth, thus, they learned about the location of X. The people who stayed there are in serious danger. They are not prepared for a meeting with armed robbers and it is not known when help comes.

Planet X: Gold of the Gods

  1. Mesopotamia

Mesopotamia is a large state that was located in the territory of modern Iraq, Turkey, and Syria. It was there, thanks to the conquests of Alexander the Great, uncharted land, began to be settled by settlers. A large area was uninhabitable, only small parts of thefertile land were used by people. Time passed, people came here and built their huts near deep-water rivers and reservoirs. Soon, large cities were formed there, and Mesopotamia itself became a great state, an empire that lived a few hundred years before its end.


  1. Purgatory by Dante

It is the Golden Mean of the TOP 10 best recent Mythology movies.

The film tells about that part of the afterlife where souls who could sooner or later repent of the committed sins, in connection with which they have the opportunity to reach Paradise after they “will complete the service of sentence” in Purgatory. Dante comes here after he explored all nine circles of Hell and, reaching the center of the earth, found himself on the other hemisphere, where Mount of Purgatory is located.

Purgatory by Dante

  1. Age of Erin

The movie is about Cú Chulainn. He is the main hero of Irish mythology. He has no equalamong the mortals. Cu Chulainn is the son of the god Lugh and Deichtine.

3. Pumpernickel

Dr. Johann Faust was known as a doctor, a scientist, a sorcerer, a magician and a philosopher. There is a suggestion that he was one of the representatives of the medieval intelligentsia who received a university education, but did not have a permanent place of service and moved from town to town in search of temporary earnings.

Faust became famous as anexpertin occult sciences, a predictor of the future and compiler of horoscopes. But in the higher academic circles, he was perceived as a braggart and an ignoramus.

The legend that Faust sold the soul to the devil appeared during his lifetime. Faust himself did not refute these rumors.


  1. Myth of the Devil

The film will tell a story in which heroes ask themselves whether the so-called Lord of Hell really exists, and how his presence affects people.

Myth of the Devil poster

  1. Second Coming

It is the leader of the TOP 10 best new Mythology movies 2018.

It is the movie about the battle between good and evil: Son of God and Lucifer!

TOP ends now.

Hope it answered the question – what is the best Mythology movies in 2018?

Thank you for being with us!

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