List of best Hollywood War movies in 2017

The Great Patriotic War left a deep mark in the World history and in the hearts of all people. It is an eternal memory to the heroes who fought for their homeland, thanks to which we can enjoy a peaceful sky and a free life. In our TOP 10 best Hollywood War movies of 2017 to watch you will find films about the war where you can watch stories of incredible courage displayed both on the battlefield and in the rear, the history of the struggle for the sake of a common cause and incredible honor.

List of best Hollywood War movies in 2017

  1. Mine

Mike and Tommy – the sniper and his team-mate Commo – are sent to carry out the important task of the army leadership. They were thrown into the desert of Afghanistan so that the soldiers would eliminate the terrorist. The protagonist of the film was ready to pull the trigger, but because of his own oversight, he attracted the attention of the bandits. The fighters had to flee from the armed men who pursued them.

During running away, the men came on a minefield but noticed it was too late. Tommy is undermined on one of the shells. Mike runs to him to help, but in the end, he himself hears a treacherous click that condemns him to certain death. Contacting the authorities, the hero explains the situation. He is promised to help in the shortest time – he just has to wait for the helicopter … 52 hours. Mike sets the timer and begins to wait for help, hoping it will be easy. But ahead of him, there are a lot of difficulties: unbearable heat during the day, terrible cold at night, dangerous predators, thirst and even a sandstorm. And at the same time, he cannot move. Is not there too much testing for one person?

  1. The Zookeeper’s Wife

The basis for this touching film was the international bestseller describing the real events that took place in Poland in the last century. In the center of the narrative is a woman named Antonina. She is the wife of a zoo keeper in a district of Warsaw. The heroine is used to trusting animals more than people capable of betraying even their loved ones. But the war begins, and the quiet life of Antonina, like the rest of the Poles, is changing.

Germany is dropping bombs on the cities, setting their own orders and sending all the disliked people to the ghetto. As is known, most disagreeable are Jews, persecuted by the Nazis for several years of the war. Seeing what is happening, Antonina and her husband Jan are daring to shelter those who need from the fascists. Since all the animals from the zoo were taken away, there was a lot of space that pushes the woman to the idea of ​ the rational use of cells and cellars – the couple hides the Jews there. They do everything very carefully, but at some point, one of the officers-invaders – Lutz Heck – begins to guess about the underground activities of the characters…

  1. Their Finest

It is an ingenious story about filming a propaganda film at the beginning of World War II, which glorifies the fabricated feat of the two sisters. The creators of the film are aware that they are setting out a fairy tale, and besides, they all dislike each other – but all these are trifles when the morale of the British nation is under threat?

The movie is included in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood War films 2017 because it came out on April 7, 2017.

  1. The Wall

In the center of the plot of the war movie is the deadly duel between two snipers – Iraqi and American. The Iraqi shooter manages to drive his American opponent into a trap in which he keeps him under vigilant sights. Defense of the American is only a piece of concrete wall, which fell off from some structure. Once in a desperate situation, an American catches the radio frequency of his colleague and at the same time a mortal enemy. And they begin to communicate. However, no matter how formed their audio relationship, the way out of this trap is for only one. The price of one’s life is the death of another.

The Wall

  1. War Machine

Based on the book of the reporter Michael Hastings, the film will tell about the Afghan period of the military career of General McChrystal.

  1. Bitter Harvest

In the center of events is Yuri – a young Cossack, who has a passion for painting. The guy is trying to win the sympathy of his fellow villager – beautiful Natalka. Between them arises a bright love, which will have to go through many difficult tests. Heroes do not have time to enjoy happiness: the soldiers of the Soviet army are invading the country, taking food from the peasants, which provoked the strongest famine.

  1. Sand Castle

A true story based on the memories of the young American Matt Ocre, who served in Iraq. His unit is sent to a troubled village to repair the water supply system, where they are met not as saviors but as deadly enemies. The movie is included in the TOP 10 latest Hollywood War movies 2017 because it was released on April 21, 2017.

  1. Check Point

The protagonist is a former military man, who became a tramp. The man is engaged in the fact that he finds out the position of the terrorists, finds out the plan of their actions. This time it became known to him that the group plans to make a sortie into the city and this time in a big way. A retired military understands that it’s time to act to shield himself and others from these cruel people.

  1. The Yellow Birds

It is the story of two young soldiers who were thrown into the heat of the Iraq war. One of them is tormented by a serious promise given to his mother, not to perish.

The Yellow Birds

  1. The Ottoman Lieutenant

It is the leader of the list of Hollywood War movies 2017.

Every person in our life leaves an indelible mark. On the day when on the eve of the outbreak of the First World War a girl named Lillie met a doctor, she could not imagine what turn of fate awaits her. She was strong-willed and confident, she did not give anyone a chance to spoil the world, and she was trying to make her planet more secure.

An accidental rendezvous with Dr. Woodruff led her to a hospital in the world, she began to actively help the wounded and was not even afraid to go to the hot spot. The place of the dislocation was assigned to the Arab world. There were fierce confrontations, after which there were many wounded, and suffering, urgently needing medical assistance.

The heroine met a local young man there, a passion flared up between them. The girl was amazed at his depth, how much he was interesting and attentive. But when the military clashes in the country intensified, the guy who had already become not just a friend, showed himself as a true activist, he did not stay without business and went to fight for his land. She did not expect such a reaction. How can she perceive her lover, will she be able to reconcile herself with such a fierce outlook on life?

So our TOP 10 new holly War movies is coming to an end.

Thank you for watching!

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