List of best War movies 2018

The war movie are very popular among viewers because of its great special effects and actor’s play, its reconstruction of battles.

Today, we are pleased to present TOP 10 best War movies of 2018 to watch.

If you ready we start!

List of best War movies 2018

  1. The Last Battle

The catastrophe deprives many inhabitants of the planet of life and housing. People lose their human shape and mind. Only a few have kept their minds and human shape, they will lead the struggle for the planet Earth in order to survive as kind.

The Last Battle

  1. Rogue

Most recently Mike Cutler was an important CIA official, but this organization is so ambiguous that if you are at the top today, then tomorrow you can be in the lowest rank. If yesterday you came to this organization as an arrogant daredevil, then it is quite possible that after a successful mission, you will be promoted to unexpected heights. Yesterday he was in his private office, and today he was transferred to work in the military unit of the elite army of the United States. He is entrusted with an important and very dangerous secret mission. According to the assignment, the agent Mike must go to the territory of the most dangerous place on Earth – to Afghanistan. There he will have to find the so-called base, where all the rulers of the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda are located. As soon as he finds headquarter of terrorists, he will have to report the find to the headquarters. Then the Americans will do their best to destroy the deadly organization. It turned out that Mike was completely unprepared for this operation since he did not decide on whose side he wants to fight. Will he be able to fulfill his duty?

The Rogue

  1. Flags Over Berlin

The feat of two heroes during the war is in the TOP 10 best modern War films 2018.

The film will tell the story about the event that occurred in the end of World War II. A time when every citizen of the Soviet Union showed real courage to fight against the German troops. Every warrior knew why he was fighting for. He fought for his homeland, for the peaceful sky, for the future for his children and grandchildren. The viewer is to see the reconnaissance operation, which was conducted in April 1945. Mark Spencer, agent of the intelligence service of Great Britain, under the guise of a journalist is being introduced into the Red Army unit. It is in this unit that Koshkarbayev and Bulatov serve. It is they who in the decisive counterattack of enemy positions will raise the flag of the Red Army over the Reichstag and will go down in history as the deserved heroes of the Soviet Union and brave national fighters of the World War II. The viewer will see the events that really happened and will be able to feel the emotions experienced by the fighters after long war years when victory was finally won over the enemy.

Flags Over Berlin

  1. The Red Man’s View

This western tells about the tragedy that occurred with the indigenous inhabitants of the American continent – the Indians. There was a time when the expanses of boundless prairies were inhabited by numerous diverse tribes. They hunted, caught fish and gave birth to children in their ancestral lands, until, one day, they were visited by Europeans. The Indians had no idea what mistake they made, allowing pale-faces to live on their continent.


  1. Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero

A true story about a sergeant named Stubby, who received the title and awards for exploits in the First World War. A homeless, starving puppy fell into the good hands of a young soldier and became a member of his regiment. Together with his army family, the dog Stubby went to the French front, where he took part in battles, saved the wounded and caught spies.

  1. The Bombing

It is Golden Mean of the TOP 10 best recent War movies.

The movie will tell about five brave warriors who have to fight against air attack. Will they be able to finish their task or they die in that damned place?

The Bombing

  1. The War Magician

The movie is about Jasper Maskelyne, a magician who participated in the First World War. He fought not only with the help of weapons but with his own mind, successfully using his talent as an illusionist on the battlefield. He and his platoon once managed to disguise the Suez Canal (along with 1,000 tanks and 150,000 people)! An amazing story, in fact, is quite real. He developed an ingenious and large-scale system of illusions, which made it possible to make the tanks invisible from the air, hiding whole buildings with ammunition and supplies.

War Magician

  1. Ghosts of War

At the end of the World War II, five American soldiers have a task to guard the French castle, where the Nazi command was previously located. But in the walls of the castle, they are met by something more terrible than fascism and all the horrors of the war.

Ghosts of War

  1. The Aftermath

The film is about a man who is sent to live in one of the German cities with his wife after the end of World War II.

Keira Knightley in The Aftermath

  1. Horse Soldiers

Here is the first place of the TOP 10 best new War movies 2018.

The new war movie will tell a story that will not leave anyone indifferent. At the very beginning of the XXI century, there was a tragedy that forever went down in world history. On September 11, 2001, something happened that the inhabitants of the whole world still cannot erase from memory, because of the terrorist act, which destroyed the twin towers, took with it a lot of human lives. This event showed the world how power is powerless against terrorists who are ready for anything to prove their power.

At an emergency meeting of special services, a decision is made to create a secret organization that will track down terrorist organizations. So the special squad was sent to Afghanistan to find Taliban leaders who planned an attack on the United States.

Geoff Stults and Chris Hemsworth in Horse Soldiers

TOP is coming to an end!

We hope it helped find out the answer to the question – what is the best War movies in 2018?

Thank you for being with us!

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