List of TOP 10 good War movies 2017

The theme of military conflicts has always been of interest to mankind, therefore this genre of cinema is very popular among film fans. Military pictures describe the events of fierce fights, not only from the distant past but also from military battles that occurred relatively recently. Here you can TOP ten good War movies 2017 in theaters, shot by the best filmmakers.

Interesting military films have been shot a lot of these exciting stories about the courageous duels of the great generals, the battles with opponents, the bloody battles of the First and Second World Wars, shootings in Syria, Afghanistan, Chechnya and other hot spots.

Let’s watch TOP 10 good War films 2017.


  1. Dunkirk

The film takes the viewer in 1940 to France almost at the very beginning of the Second World War. After the breakthrough of the Maginot line, significant parts of the French, British and Belgian troops were blocked by the Germans at the seaside town of Dunkirk. Because of the impossibility of full-fledged on-land assistance, the British Admiralty and Churchill’s cabinet decided to make a complete evacuation of the surrounded units by sea.

  1. Bitter Harvest

A large-scale historical epic tells about the tragic events in Ukraine that occurred in the 30s of the XX century, also known as the Holodomor.

  1. Mine

The war in Afghanistan is in TOP 10 really good War movies.

Sometimes fate presents tests, the cost of which is own life. Going to serve in the army, the main character of the thriller – American guy Mike Stevens realized that he could be in a war where his life would be threatened by great danger. Fulfilling a mission in the Afghan desert, Mike was ready for any tests.

As a result of the failed operation, the guy is forced to flee with his partner Tommy, who dies before his eyes, exploding on a mine. Mike himself with horror discovers that under his foot is a mine and if he moves Tommy’s fate awaits him. Now the guy is going to have a difficult struggle for life under the hot sun in the Afghan desert, and also struggle with himself, his fears, and despair.

  1. Check Point

The film takes place in a small provincial town, where an underground terrorist group is located. To deal with the hidden threat that the homeless man accidentally discovered, a team of local heroes gathers in the town. Together these tough guys have to protect their country.

  1. War Machine

The protagonist of the movie is General Dan McMahon – a daring warlord of the American army in Afghanistan, who made a rapidly became successful, but was forced to resign after the publication of a scandalous article in the “Rolling Stones” magazine, giving rise to rumors and various assumptions.

  1. Leavey

It is the fifth place of the TOP 10 good english War movies 2017.

The film is based on the real story of a young female soldier who served in Iraq. In war, the main character finds a loyal comrade. It’s a dog named Rex.

For several years, the main characters are on the verge of death. On account of the girl and the sheepdog more than 100 successfully performed missions. Together they manage to determine the laying of explosive devices, thus saving a lot of lives. But one day everything changes. An unexpected explosion puts the future in jeopardy, and their roads diverge in different directions.

  1. Sand Castle

The film takes place in 2003. A Special Forces detachment of US is sent to Iraq for a specific mission – to establish a water supply system in a remote provincial village. The soldiers will seem to have an uncomplicated task – to accompany the tank with water, without which life in a remote village surrounded on all sides by sand is unthinkable.

However, most locals treat Americans as the enemy. With every minute, the situation gets hotter. The villagers begin to provoke the Special Forces in every possible way. As a result, the situation is getting out of control. Both sides grab for the weapon. The first shots are heard, followed by the victims. After the death of civilians, the clash evolves into a large-scale conflict involving aviation. Arrived with good intentions, American soldiers are now compelled to fight for their own lives. It’s not so easy to get out of the village.

  1. The Wall

A film is about two friends who were in Iraq in the war as a gunner and sniper. Mutual understanding, courage, experience helps them overcome many obstacles and deceive death, but until a certain moment. When they meet a similarly thoughtful enemy, they will have to remember a lot to get out of this fight alive.

  1. The Yellow Birds

Jennifer Aniston is on our list of TOP 10 good War movies 2017.

The film is based on the novel of the veteran of the Iraq war. This is the story of two soldiers who became friends in the training camp. A senior friend promises to take care of the youngest on the battlefield. But under fire in real conditions, this is not so easy.

The Yellow Birds

  1. Zookeeper’s Wife

Antonina and Jan Zabinski keep their own zoo in Warsaw. This territory belongs to the city, and therefore the spouses feel relatively safe when the Germans came to the country. The persecution of Jews began everywhere; they were sent to the ghettos of the camps and were simply killed. Under the onslaught of war, the zoo also surrendered – almost all animals fled during the fighting. Only Antonina suddenly realizes that this is a chance to save the Jews. After all, the zoo is large, and in cages and feeders for animals, she can hide people. For the whole of World War II, the spouses saved three hundred Jews and after the end of the war received well-deserved awards. Only all four years, there was a German Lutz Heck nearby, who suspected Zabinski of treason. But while the man was in love with Antonina, the woman used it to trick him and help the Jews.

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