List of best Comedy movies 2018

Comedy is the most popular genre in filmmaking and plays animportant role in the life of modern man. In comedy films, there are necessarily scenes that cause laughter, ridiculous situations that happen not only with the characters of the film but also in daily lives. The interest shown by the viewer to the film depends not only on a good script but also on the professionalism of the actors. The comedies will cheer the viewer up, distract from daily activities and worries and, perhaps, help him look at some problems in a different way.

We are glad to present you TOP 10 best Comedy movies of 2018 to watch.

If you ready we begin!

List of best Comedy movies 2018

  1. Isle of Dogs

The plot of the picture tells about a small but very brave boy who decides to go on a stunning journey through the land of Japan to find his lost friend – a golden terrier named Rex. This cartoon is made in the style of time-lapse animation, but despite the primitivism of the style, it will be great.

  1. Deadpool 2

Deadpool is a modern hero who does not fear anything and always perceives his deadly battles with great positivity. His story began when the doctors diagnosed him badly and told him that he did not have much time left to live. But, on one wonderful day, a stranger sits down in the bar and offers to take part in a secret experiment. As a result of the experiments, the hero was cured and even acquired some special skills. After the mutation, the man will have the ability to quickly regenerate, speed and tremendous power. It will become a new government weapon. Few people knew that this is a very painful procedure and will affect the mental health of the subject.

And now, a completely new person with improved characteristics rushes around the city in search of offenders and imposes justice. In the confrontation against criminals, he is assisted by X-Men who are also endowed with special abilities. After the first part, the film director decided to film the next part, in which Deadpool will continue to catch the offenders. He is still very strong, fast and also joking. His humor will be much greater, and the tricks more impressive.

  1. Peter Rabbit

Small smart rabbit is in the TOP 10 best modern Comedy films 2018.

It is the adaptation of children’s English classics about the mischievous rabbit Peter who lives with a large family. The animals behave like people but they cannot get along with them. Especially with their neighbors, McGregor, who are not used to share the crop but they love rabbit pies.

Peter Rabbit Ears

  1. Zeroville

The plot of the film tells about the life and fate of a young man. He was raised in a very unhappy family, and his father was a very cruel religious fanatic, and the boy was constantly subjected to violence, both moral and physical, in addition, the father beat his mother and other children, and this eventually led to the fact that the child began to suffer from autism. Closed and unsociable, he decided to choose the profession of the architect and he considered university as an opportunity to escape from the hated house. However, since childhood in his dreams, he saw himself as the filmmaker.

James Franco and Seth Rogen in Zeroville

  1. Early Man

The events of the cartoon unfold in the distant past. In those times when people had just completed the process of their origin and lived together with mammoths and other ancient animals, such as large reptiles who behaved very aggressively towards the newly emerged species of homosapiens, recognizing them not as homos, and certainly not as sapiens, and regular as lunch, breakfast or dinner. So people had to survive among them and fight for survival.

An early man named Dug made friends with a sort of primitive warthog. It was very accustomed to Dug and became his devoted assistant and a faithful companion in all his affairs, ideas, and adventures.

5.Super Troopers 2

It is the Golden Mean of the TOP 10 best recent Comedy movies.

It is the continuation of the story told in the movie in the first part about lazy policemen who serve near the Canadian border, who have almost nothing to do at their work…

4.Fighting with My Family

It is a true fighting comedy about the family of the champion in wrestling. Her father, after breaking with the underworld, found a new earning in the ring, dragging three of his children behind him.

Dwayne Johnson in Fighting with My Family

  1. The Spy Who Dumped Me

Two best friendsbecome involved in an international conspiracy when it turns out that the former boyfriendof one of these girls was a spy. After his death, his unfinished mission lies on the shoulders of the girls, as well as all the attendant troubles and threats.

  1. Life of the Party

She is an adult, pretty, and smart woman, who has long been mired in household chores and even let her own appearance go. She devoted her life to her beloved husband and daughter, so she did not receive higher education, and she does not have time to work. The daughter has grown up a long time and is studying at the university, and her husband began to disappear more and more for work, completely not caring about what his wife will think.

Once, after returning from work, he said that he wants to go to a new beloved woman. The legitimate spouse is no longer interesting to him. A woman did not expect such a betrayal. She thought everything was fine, she sacrificed everything for the sake of the family. And suddenly a caring mother and faithful wife remained completely alone, with the thought that she had refused to live.

  1. Overboard

It is the first place of the TOP 10 best new Comedy movies 2018.

“Overboard” is aremake of the romantic comedy of 1987. A Mexican handsome man, spoiled by the wealth and attention of women, unceremoniously treats a young single mother from the working class. She will avenge the offender when he falls overboard his yacht and loses memory. Once in her modest home, the capricious rich man will believe that he is the owner and head of the family.

Anna Faris and Eugenio Derbez in overboard

TOP is coming to an end.

Hope it gave an answer to the main question – what is the best Comedy movies in 2018?

Thank you for being with us!

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