TOP 10 best Hollywood War movies of 2020 to watch

A lot of interesting war movies have been shot – these are fascinating stories about the courageous fights of great commanders, battles against opponents, bloody battles of the First and Second World Wars, shootings in Syria, Afghanistan, Chechnya, and other dangerous places. New movies about the war tell viewers about current events in the world, which helps to better understand the essence of conflicts and bring us face-to-face with the stories of totalitarian regimes, cruel dictators, and ordinary people who defended their people and left an important mark on history.

Today we are going to show you the TOP 10 best Hollywood War movies of 2020 to watch.

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List of Hollywood War movies 2020

10. The Last Full Measure

The movie focuses on a feat of military physician William Pitsenbarger who during the Vietnam War saved the lives of about a hundred of his colleagues. However, his heroic act remained unnoticed, and the guy was not awarded the medal of honor.

Thirty years later, one of the Pentagon employees was ordered to find out why the hero was not awarded. During a thorough investigation, a man discovers a conspiracy that hides the mistakes of senior officers of the United States Army.

9. D-Day

Some may call it a suicide, but for the second ranger battalion, this is a mission. A detachment of American soldiers ordered to destroy several German machine guns but not everything is so simple.

It would seem that the task is clear and planned but in reality, the soldiers are marching into a slaughter. Being in the minority, with a small amount of ammunition, they still move forward risking their lives and not knowing where the enemy may be hiding.

8. The King’s Man

The plot of the film tells the story of the creation of the legendary secret organization called Kingsman. The action takes place during the First World War where secret agents play their decisive role.

The main character is a young guy Conrad who wants to serve his country, but in the end, he finds himself drawn into the world of spies, where everything is operated in a completely different way. After accelerated training and preparation, the protagonist will play an important role in the organization and the fate of the whole world.

7. Mulan

Chinese hero is in the TOP 10 latest Hollywood War movies 2020.

Young Mulan is preparing to meet with the matchmaker so that she finds her a groom. Parents dream that their only daughter should be an exemplary wife and a caring mother, but the girl has different plans. When the brutal Huns attack China, the government takes away from every house a man who can fight. The hero’s father is ready to go into battle for the honor and security of his native country, but he is old and suffers from an old wound. A loving daughter cannot allow her dad to die, so she decides to go against the law. She dresses up in a man’s suit and goes to the army. She risks her own life because if the fraud is revealed, she will be executed.

6. Greyhound

Ernest Krause is a naval officer. The new appointment (Ernst was put at the head of the military destroyer, called Greyhound) is fraught with great danger. Now he has to get a whole convoy of ships across the North Atlantic. This region was a favorite hunting ground for Nazi submarines, which is why the protagonist is in mortal danger.

Although Ernest is an officer, he does not even have the combat experience and knowledge of how to behave in a battle. To survive and save the crew, Krause will have to show exceptional ingenuity and remember everything he was taught.

5. Without Remorse

John’s mission is in the TOP 10 new holly War movies.

John repeatedly returned alive from the most dangerous voyages to the cruel Vietnamese jungle. In any case, in these deadly business trips, everything was very clear – who are insiders and outsiders. At home, having lost his wife due to tragic circumstances, he alone defies the drug mafia. There is little to stop an experienced fighter, and John uses any methods to kill bad guys.

4. Blizzard of Souls

An exciting story allows the viewer to grow along with Arturs and the young Latvian state, observing life in the trenches through the eyes of a boy who is selflessly fighting enemies, looking for true love and learning to value freedom.

3. Top Gun: Maverick

Tom Cruise is in the list of best Hollywood War movies in 2020.

Maverick is an unsurpassed pilot with extensive experience who is not afraid of the highest speeds. After leaving the service, he began to work on the ground and began training newcomers. However, times are changing as well as the technique and rules of air combat. When the threat arises of replacing living pilots with robots, Maverick decides to get back in the plane and show what aerobatics is.

2. 1917

The main actions of this war movie unfold in distant 1917. It was the height of the First World War. Hundreds of people died daily defending the interests of their country and hoping for the peaceful existence of their descendants. Boys and girls of a very young age took up arms and went to a fierce war to defeat the enemy. They overcame fear, risked their own lives, and went to fight, wanting to protect their children and loved ones.

The main characters are two young guys. They must obey the orders of higher commanders and take great risks. The guys have different life views, character, and interests, but there is one common goal – to protect loved ones and put an end to the bloody war. The boys are ordered to cross the territory of the enemy to deliver a very important message.

1. Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior

Events unfold in the 17th century. After Aurangzeb ransacked the port of Surat, the Mughal padishah decides that it is time to conquer South India. The Maratha emperor does not intend to give up his position. He intends to make every effort not to give the country to the Mughal padishah. To do this, he even intends to attract people who are ready to fight back.

TOP 10 latest released Hollywood War films are coming to an end.

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